Monday, December 1, 2014

Think about Christ

Well, here I am again, emailing in the apple store! I'm not complaining though because these MacBooks are pretty dang nice! :) This past week was a pretty challenging one for us, we didn't have any investigators at church and that was pretty sad for me! Also we have been trying to get some missionaries legalized and we are having an interesting time with that! This upcoming week we have a lot of work to do, especially with getting all of this business that isn't missionary work out of the way! It is the start of a new transfer as well so things are going to be great, be able to start over fresh again! We have some pretty big changes in our zone and we are also opening up a new area so that will be pretty cool!

So, our progressing investigators aren't really progressing right now so we have a lot of work to do this week and especially a lot of prayer and fasting! Francoise has slowed down quite a bit for the moment and we are just so devastated because she was right there and about to make a decision that was going to bless her life forever! We are looking to do a lot of finding this week! We have been blessed with some sweet contacts from members that we haven't really had the chance to start teaching yet but we are starting that this week! Something pretty cool that we had go one this past week was actually Sunday night! Elder Gamiette, the old mission president and now a 70 held a fireside at his house and had us invite our investigators to come! It was sweet, and we talked about the ultimate gift, which is Christ! He shared some mormon messages about the subject and it was super cool! It makes me wish we had Ipads to go out and share those messages with others! ;) one day maybe! I've been learning a lot about planning lately and how that has such an important impact on what we do, especially with our obedience to God! We must plan to be obedient and then obedience will come that much easier to us! It is time for me to go out and do some work this week! :) I love the Christmas season, and it is some much greater to always be thinking of Christ, not just during Christmas! I send my love and prayers! Also much appreciation for the wonderful family and friends that I have supporting me a long the way! I have felt that love and support so thank you! I sure do love the Gospel and I'm thankful for the testimony that I have been gaining a long the way!

Have a great week and think about Christ! :) I love you all! Welcome home Elder Kay!! Love Elder Peterson!

The Prince Family
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