Monday, September 23, 2013

Pictures: Week 5 Life at the MTC

Elder Peterson received a BYU package from his Aunt Jan. Elder Peterson is a Utah Ute fan. He wrote this in his letter to us. There was a bunch of us standing in line for our packages and they brought me mine and I saw all the BYU tape and in front of everyone, not thinking, I said "what the? BYPoo? what is this?" I got some pretty weird looks but oh well! It was super funny and I loved the package!
Elders eating the delicious cake that was in the package.
The Elders had their own photo shoot.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Pictures: Week 4 Life at the MTC

Elder Peterson and two Elders from Europe. One is from Scotland and one is from England! They were fun to play soccer with!
Elder Arts is from the Netherlands and he is super funny.
Elder Peterson with Elder Arts and Elder Fritz who left for France today.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Pictures from Week 2 Life at the MTC

  Elder Peterson and his companion in San Francisco
 The massive lunch room
 This old guy worked in Hollywood, and met a lot of famous people, he came and told them a bed time story.
 Elder Peterson with some packages.
Elder Peterson and Elder Fox who is in his district.
Elder Zundel, Elder Skinner, Elder Fukui and Elder Peterson. All from the Tremonton Area.
 The elderedge knot
Morning at the Temple 
 Elder Peterson with Sister Bowcutt.