Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Les Saintes

Yesterday Elder Peterson took a tour boat to some little small Island called Les Saintes and he said that it was super awesome!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Well here we are again sending emails! People weren't kidding when they told me that time goes quick when you are serving the lord! And now that I'm seeing that it makes me want to work a lot harder and not waste the lords time! The past week was definitely a good one and it was a great way to start off the transfer! We have begun with a great pace and we are only hoping to build on it and keep it going! Isabelle's baptism went great and we are super excited and happy for her! She has a new glow about her now and you can just tell that she is filled with the spirit! This past week we received a good amount of Member Referrals which is a huge blessing! All of them are awesome investigators and have tons of potential! Friday morning we starting calling some of our investigators to confirm our appointments with them, and one of them told us he had a question so we said alright what is that? He says, "Can I get baptized tomorrow?" Elder Galati and I both looked at each other and thought, what? How often does this happen? Considering we have only been teaching him for a week! Unfortunately we had to tell him he has to wait a week ha :) but he agreed and is being baptized this coming Saturday! That just goes to show how the Lord really does prepare his children. It's just a challenge trying to find them sometimes! So we had an awesome week and we are very thankful for that! I've also really realized the power of the scriptures! The other day we were teaching an investigator about the Book of Mormon and why it is important. He has always had troubles seeing the doctrine but I realized that was because we weren't really using scriptures to explain the doctrine! Well the other day we decided to have a bunch of scriptures on hand and inspired questions and the lesson ended up going great! It just shows the power of the scriptures!

This transfer I have vowed to myself that I will only study in French to help improve my speaking skills. At first, for me, that seemed like something nearly impossible but as I have stayed true to my word I have really been able to tell the difference! I understand a lot more French than I thought I did and it is such a blessing! It is all about the faith that we have in the Lord and I'm beginning to see that! I always think of the story when Peter walks out on the water and begins to sink and the lord says to him, "Oh thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" I find it that as children of God we find our selves taking little steps out into the water and we begin to become "scared" and lose our faith. My goal is to keep my faith built up and trust in my savior Jesus Christ and I know that I will be able to handle the things that are placed in front of me!

I'm so thankful for all of you and all the love and support you give me! :) I send all my love and hope that everyone has an amazing week!! :) I send my support and prayers for you all! Love Elder Peterson!

Elder Peterson and Isabelle

Monday, February 10, 2014

Staying another transfer!

Well, Clairson is now a member off the church! The baptism was great and we had another kid that is in the branch baptise him who is about the same age! So that was super cool! Now the next step for him is a mission! :) If him and his sister go on a mission that will be awesome for this branch here! But we will see what happens! That is all in the lords hands! I'm pretty sure that his sister is for sure going on a mission! His whole family is awesome! Now it is just him and his sister that are members! We just barely started teaching the mom and she came to church this past sunday to see clairson get confirmed!! That was super sweet! We are yet to meet the father but we are hoping soon that we can and maybe start having the lessons with him! That picture is of their family, without the dad! I gave clairson the shirt and pants so he could be dressed like us and that made him pretty happy! I love making people happy and see them find joy. Especially in the gospel!!:)

We got our transfer calls and Elder Galati and I are staying together! We are excited and I am happy to be able to stay! That way I can continue working with the people that we have! That will make like five or so months here by the end of this next transfer! Time goes quickly here! Oh and the other five missionaries that were in the MTC with me were so close to all being together on the same Island but One of them that is here right now is leaving on wednesday to a different Island! That will make five of us together now! I love seeing them! It's like a group of brothers ha! We have another baptism this wednesday that we are pretty excited about! It is a lady that we have been seeing ever since I got here and now she has chosen to be baptised! Such a blessing! I'm so thankful for all these blessings that we have been receiving lately! I need to work hard to show my gratitude for all these things!

But anyways. I hope Elder kay is doing better and that his injury is healing well! I've been thinking about him and the great example he has been for me! I love him! I hope that everyone has a great week and I send all my love and prayers! :) Thanks for all the love and support!! Love Elder Peterson!

Monday, February 3, 2014


Well we had a miracle this week! The other night we were teaching a family of investigators which consists of a mom, daughter and son. The daughter has been a member now for about 3 years. When I first arrived here on Guadeloupe we went and saw the Daughter because she was inactive and after that one visit she has been coming to church ever since and now she is wanting to go on a mission. Well anyways, when she started coming back to church, we noticed that her brother was coming with her and we started to teach him and the lessons were always great and he was progressing really well. That was until we would try and set a baptismal date. He would always tell us, "when I receive an answer then yes I will!" So we were kind of at a hault, but the other night we were teaching them all together and as we were leaving he chased us out the door and stopped us. He asked us when he could get baptized. He told us that he was ready! Elder Galati and I just looked at each other in amazement! That was such a blessing for us! We have been really trying to work hard for baptisms here and this is really the pay off. What a blessing and we are super excited! He is getting baptized this coming saturday! The week was great! We had a little problem because these dang frenchies love to go on strike so we had to scramble to get some gas before all the gas stations closed but we got all that taken care of and out of the way! Now we just hope we can survive on the gas that we do have until the strike is over! We have been teaching a big group of Haitians that are really intelligent. The lessons go well if we can keep it on track but they ask a lot of questions that get us away from the main goal and lesson so it has been a little challenge but we are figuring out how to work with that! This week we are going to try and set some baptismal dates but we will see what happens!

This week we also went home teaching with one of the members and that was cool because he called us and said hey I need some help! So I think it's a good thing to help the members out and get a strong base to build off of!

Sounds like all is going pretty great back home! That's what I like to hear and what I really look forward too :) I appreciate all the love and support I receive! To bad to hear that mitch broke his wrist! How did he do that playing basketball? He must of fell on it? That's to bad. "The Kay family, always known for most injuries!" haha But hope that the surgery goes well for him! I will be thinking and praying for him! But anyways! Time to go so have a great week and I love you all!!

Love Elder Peterson!