Monday, February 10, 2014

Staying another transfer!

Well, Clairson is now a member off the church! The baptism was great and we had another kid that is in the branch baptise him who is about the same age! So that was super cool! Now the next step for him is a mission! :) If him and his sister go on a mission that will be awesome for this branch here! But we will see what happens! That is all in the lords hands! I'm pretty sure that his sister is for sure going on a mission! His whole family is awesome! Now it is just him and his sister that are members! We just barely started teaching the mom and she came to church this past sunday to see clairson get confirmed!! That was super sweet! We are yet to meet the father but we are hoping soon that we can and maybe start having the lessons with him! That picture is of their family, without the dad! I gave clairson the shirt and pants so he could be dressed like us and that made him pretty happy! I love making people happy and see them find joy. Especially in the gospel!!:)

We got our transfer calls and Elder Galati and I are staying together! We are excited and I am happy to be able to stay! That way I can continue working with the people that we have! That will make like five or so months here by the end of this next transfer! Time goes quickly here! Oh and the other five missionaries that were in the MTC with me were so close to all being together on the same Island but One of them that is here right now is leaving on wednesday to a different Island! That will make five of us together now! I love seeing them! It's like a group of brothers ha! We have another baptism this wednesday that we are pretty excited about! It is a lady that we have been seeing ever since I got here and now she has chosen to be baptised! Such a blessing! I'm so thankful for all these blessings that we have been receiving lately! I need to work hard to show my gratitude for all these things!

But anyways. I hope Elder kay is doing better and that his injury is healing well! I've been thinking about him and the great example he has been for me! I love him! I hope that everyone has a great week and I send all my love and prayers! :) Thanks for all the love and support!! Love Elder Peterson!

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