Monday, April 28, 2014

Zone Conference Round 3

Well zone conference was great and it was everything that I needed to hear! Which it is usually like that ha! We learned a lot about planning and how to be more successful and diligent! President Mehr also told us that when we have trials it is one of the ways to pay back our debt to Jesus Christ! He talked a lot about how we need to make the most of our time here because when we are done we will never have the opportunity again! It was great! The week went by really quick as well! Just as it usually does with zone conference! We were constantly traveling to abymes to the church for stuff going on like our interviews with president and devotionals that are going on! It is a busy week that is for sure but we do love it!
   Other than zone conference, we had a great week! We didn't spend as much time as we wanted to in our areas but that is okay! We tried to set a baptismal date with one of our investigators that has been to church a lot now lately but he told us he can't be baptized right now. This coming week we are going to try and figure out what is going on with him and see if we can help him out! His name is jean! We have been doing a lot of contacting lately to build up our teaching pool again! It is actually kind of frustrating because everyone mocks us and yells look the mormons haha! It has been definitely a challenge for me but I am figuring out how to not care about it! Like Jesus christ himself taugh, we will be mocked for his names sake! But it is totally worth it! Life is wonderful and it is a huge blessing to be here on a mission and have this opportunity! I am so thankful for it!
   Sorry I don't have any cool stories this week, maybe next week! :) But I hope everyone has a fantastic week and you are all in my prayers! Thanks again for all the love and support! I love you all!!:) 

Love Elder Peterson!
 Elder Peterson with President Mehr and Sister Mehr

Elder Peterson and Elder Lewis.
This is a popular sandwich called a is a stuffed frybread.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Elder savage wrecked!!

So I will start by telling the story about how elder savage wrecked! It was so funny! So we had new brakes put on our bikes and it made a huge difference and I was having a little bit of fun doing stoppies and what not. One night we were going down a huge hill and near the bottom I decided to do a stoppie! As I was in my stoppie I felt a helmet slam into my back and I was what the!? As a turn to look back still in a stoppie, Elder savage pulled his front break too hard and flipped over. Turns out he was a lot closer than I thought he was! So he was laying in the middle of the road and I was just dying laughing and so was he! All the people around were just staring at us and probably thinking who sent this dang americans here! It was awesome!

Well, the week was fantastic and we had so many lessons which was a huge blessing because the couple weeks before we weren't doing to hot and we were left with not much to do! We were really thankful for this past week! It was great! Unfortunately none of our investigators made it to chruch. Sometimes it is hard for them because they don't have cars and have no way of making it! but there is always a way and we will figure something out! The memorizing is going great and zone conference is tomorrow so I really hope I can have everything down! Zone conference is always great because president mehr blows our minds with doctrine! It is good stuff! It has been raining like every day here lately and I am loving it! It is super fun on the bike and it is like the only time I ever feel cold! It is nice :) Easter was great and we ate with all the members at the church yesterday! It was nice!!

Sounds like everyone had a great week! I am really sad to hear that we had a loss in the family, keith was a great guy! he will definitely be missed! It is such a blessing to know that families can be together forever! The gospel is perfect and it's light is never ending thanks to Jesus christ! But I hope everyone has a great week and I send my love and prayers!! :) Thank you for all the love and support!! :) love elder peterson!

Monday, April 14, 2014

baptism in the ocean!!

Dear family and friends!
Well now I am old! no longer can I do stupid teenager stuff haha just kidding! I don't feel any different, but that is usually how birthdays are! It was a good birthday in the mission! It is a huge blessing to be able to be on my mission to have a birthday! We celebrated by teaching the gospel and it was great! :) and I also made a chocolate cake with cookies in it! it was interesting! but good! Thanks again for all the birthday wishes and all of the love and support! I really do appreciate it!! :)

We had a great week and a baptism! It was super cool to see the baptism in the ocean! It was a huge blessing for us and we had a few investigators even come so that was great!! We have some more possible baptismal dates coming up here soon but we are going to need to work hard for that! We have the faith that they will come! Right now we are all preparing for zone conference because president mehr has asked to have a whole bunch of scriptures memorized for it! I will be the walking scriptures when I get home haha but it really does help us in our teaching and in our daily lives so I am not complaining! I'm starting to get back into shape being on a bike! every night going up that giant hill kills me but it is totally worth it!! We bike like 15 miles every day but that doesn't seem like a whole lot and sometimes we take the bus which is a nice break once in awhile! I'm loving it here and I am so thankful for this opportunity that I have to be here serving the lord!

I hope everyone has a great week and I send all of my love and support! I hope things are well back home I think and pray for you all!! Thanks again for everything!! :) Love elder peterson!

Birthdays on the Beach

Monday, April 7, 2014


The week was great! We saw some huge blessings and we can see the work progressing here in Cappesterre! I love working with Elder Savage! He works hard and is a great friend! Conference was amazing and I loved all of the talks! I got so much out of conference and I'm not really sure that I had a favorite talk because they were all just so great! Elder Hollands was super great however! Now it is just important that I apply the teachings in my life and in my mission! It was super great to be at the church with all the missionaries feeling the spirit of conference! I'm so thankful technology allows us to participate in things that are so far away!! This week we went to see some of our Dominican friends and our lesson with them went great! It is a married couple and the first time we saw them we only taught the wife! This week our goal was to teach them together because we thought that is important for the both of them! We got to their house and he wasn't there but we started the lesson anyways! A little bit into the lesson he showed up and we ended up teaching them both! We taught them the restoration and the spirit was so strong! They told us they will be baptized when they come to know these things are true! That was super cool! Things are going awesome here and I love this area!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and all the love and support! :) and thank you so much for you donations to me! I really appreciate it!! :) I hope everyone has an amazing week and I send all my love and support!! Thanks again!! love elder peterson!