Monday, April 21, 2014

Elder savage wrecked!!

So I will start by telling the story about how elder savage wrecked! It was so funny! So we had new brakes put on our bikes and it made a huge difference and I was having a little bit of fun doing stoppies and what not. One night we were going down a huge hill and near the bottom I decided to do a stoppie! As I was in my stoppie I felt a helmet slam into my back and I was what the!? As a turn to look back still in a stoppie, Elder savage pulled his front break too hard and flipped over. Turns out he was a lot closer than I thought he was! So he was laying in the middle of the road and I was just dying laughing and so was he! All the people around were just staring at us and probably thinking who sent this dang americans here! It was awesome!

Well, the week was fantastic and we had so many lessons which was a huge blessing because the couple weeks before we weren't doing to hot and we were left with not much to do! We were really thankful for this past week! It was great! Unfortunately none of our investigators made it to chruch. Sometimes it is hard for them because they don't have cars and have no way of making it! but there is always a way and we will figure something out! The memorizing is going great and zone conference is tomorrow so I really hope I can have everything down! Zone conference is always great because president mehr blows our minds with doctrine! It is good stuff! It has been raining like every day here lately and I am loving it! It is super fun on the bike and it is like the only time I ever feel cold! It is nice :) Easter was great and we ate with all the members at the church yesterday! It was nice!!

Sounds like everyone had a great week! I am really sad to hear that we had a loss in the family, keith was a great guy! he will definitely be missed! It is such a blessing to know that families can be together forever! The gospel is perfect and it's light is never ending thanks to Jesus christ! But I hope everyone has a great week and I send my love and prayers!! :) Thank you for all the love and support!! :) love elder peterson!

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