Monday, November 24, 2014


Dear Family and Friends! Happy thanksgiving to everyone! It is really weird to think that I year ago I was in the same place celebrating thanksgiving! But this thanksgiving was a lot better because the Richmonds, our senior couple, prepared the food and not the missionaries! :) It was great, it had been so long since I had Turkey and there was even Dr. pepper so I was happy! It is really great to sit back and be thankful for all the things that I have! The Lord has truly blessed me with an amazing family and with amazing Friends all around me! I'm so thankful for my experiences and the trials that I have had in my life! I'm also so thankful for this Gospel and the wonderful change that it has brought into my life! It has been a blessing for me to be on a mission and do the Lords work! I love it more and more every day! There is a great feeling and satisfation in serving and I'm so so thankful for the opportunity that I have to be here! I love the Gospel and I love thanking God for the blessings that I have in my life! We all need to have a spirit of thankfulness in our every day lives! I love my family so much!

We had a pretty busy week as I was trying to become a legal citizen and get my legalization process taken care of! I will tell you what, it is like sitting in the Drivers license division for about 3 hours! But I got to get some good reading in the Book of Mormon done! There was a guy sitting in there with a Miami Heat hat on and I went and sat by him and asked him if he liked basketball and he said no not really and then I asked him about his hat and I don't think he even know who the miami heat are! It was pretty funny! People do that a lot here!

We have had some slow times with Francoise the past couple weeks! It is so sad to see people get so close to entering in by the way and then they choose otherwise! I have seen it so much in my mission! Just as soon as people get close, satan comes in and works to his best to bring them off the path! Narrow is the gate right!? We haven't lost faith for her and we know she will be baptized! It is just a matter of time! The other day during companionship study we learned how we can help the local church leaders go out and reactivate less actives! We read in Alma 17:31-33 and it is really cool to see how Ammon went out and had a lively attitude toward watching over the herds of the King! We will be working on applying this with the leaders here and we pray that we will see success!

I hope everyone has an absolutely fantastic week! Make sure to thank your heavenly father for your blessings! :) Have a great thanksgiving and I love you all so so much!! :) Love Elder Peterson!

Washing the Van
 Letter from Grandma I finally recieved

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