Monday, November 3, 2014

Going crazy!

That was a pretty sweet week. The zone had a really productive week and we were so happy to see that! We knew that the Elders and Sisters in our zone really wanted to do an activity today for P-day so we made some goals together so that we could do an activity and the results were awesome! Everyone worked so hard and I believe that each one of us really learned from this week, seeing that all is possible if we work hard and put our trust and faith in the Lord! It seems like everyones bikes and other means of travel have been breaking lately and that isn't what we want.

We have been working on getting all the missionaries taken care of so they can be out working to their full abilities! We had some awesome work done with the members in our branch this past week and we were blessed with their help! We even had two members that came out with us and saw a couple people with us! We are really trying to work very closely with our branch president and other branch leaders to help strengthen the branch here! I will tell you what though, it is quite the process! We are seeing blessing though and things are being accomplished! Francoise and Noami are still doing great and they are so determined to be baptized. The Francoise this past week asked Noami, "do you think we will really be ready for the 22nd of November?" and Noami responded by saying, "are you trying to back out?" It was pretty funny and super cool to see how determined she is, along with Francoise! It will be a slow process with the rest of the family but it will come along! From doing the activity with the zone, I found a lot of ways to be effective with our work and how we plan things. It is true that when we go out and go "crazy", that's my term for working extremely hard, we are blessed and I can telly that the Lord is happy with our efforts!

For some reason that is all I can remember. Short term is kicking in! I love you all and have an awesome week! :) Elder Peterson

Me with a great friend that goes home in a couple weeks.

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