Monday, October 27, 2014


Bitain is creole for "thing"! I'm not sure I even spelt it right but sometimes we have a good time trying to see who can speak creole the best between the missionaries! We probably sound pretty ridiculous but we have a good time doing it! A quick story about creole: The other day we were teaching english to some younger kids when a man and his friend pull next to the house. We didn't think much of it until the guy driving the car decided to honk like 8 times facing right at us. He was trying to get the attention of his friend that was now out of the car. It scared us all haha but I leaned over to the kids and said watch this, thinking I was going to be funny speaking in Creole and I yelled to the man "hey what are you doing?" Come to find out, I didn't really say anything like that and the man got offended and said, "I'm in my own country!" and then drove off! It was pretty funny because I was just trying to play around but I guess that is what I get when I can't speak creole haha! We had another great week full of awesome blessings! I have my new companion now and things are going great! He speaks really good French and I'm looking forward to what he can teach me! We were blessed with some awesome member work this past week and that was sweet! We went and saw Francoise and her daughter and we had a sweet lesson with them and they even invited the son and his friend to join in with us!

We had a member there with us so it was perfect! The two boys had a lot of really great concerns and we responded to a good amount of them thanks to god, but they still have a lot more thanks to what the world teaches us today! We are playing soccer with them on Wednesday and they are going to destroy us but it will be worth a try haha! We have been seeing Lucienne and she is doing awesome as always! Her daughters are starting to accept us a little bit more as well so we have been blessed there also!

That is about all for this past week! We have a great one ahead of us and we are looking forward to it! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! I think about you a lot and I thank everyone for the prayers and support on my behalf! I've been truly blessed! I love you all! Have a great week! :) Love Elder Peterson!

Some kids the Elders are teaching English to.

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