Monday, October 20, 2014

New Companion

We had a pretty sweet miracle this week with one of the daughters of an investigator. With the investigator (Francoise), we set a baptismal date for nov. 22 and she gladly accepted and told us that she would prepare for that date. We had been teaching her with her daughter but when we set the baptismal date, her daughter wasn't present. This wee the opportunity presented itself and we invited the daughter to be baptized along with her mother and the response we received brought a smile to my face. She said, "I'm ready, I know I will have questions but I'm ready!" The cool thing about it all is that the mother was testifying about things like the Prophet Joseph Smith and the restored church and they both love the Book of Mormon! Francoise has really marked hers up and I can't help but smile when I see someone festing upon the words of Christ! We have another investigator that we were able to set a baptismal date with but we know things will be a little bit challenging with her. She has a really spunky personality and she has a challenging time accepting some of the doctrine but so far we have been doing well! The Book of Mormon has really helped her see things that she didn't see before and I love seeing that happen!

We are in need of more progressing investigators, as always :), so this week we will be doing a lot of finding! I know we will will find those who have been prepared, especially if we work through members as much as possible!

Well, I will be receiving a new companion this week! Elder Christensen is leaving to Martinique! I have really enjoyed serving with him and he has really taught me a lot! He has also been a great friend to me and we have had some great times together! I also enjoyed watching him learn to drive stick! :) My new companions name is Elder Johnston! I don't know to much about him yet other than he is really sincere!

I can see that things are starting to cool down back home, enjoy that for me :) Also this past week I have really seen the importance of not having doubt and not being discouraged! It is a nasty disease! As President Mehr would say about doubt, "get rid of it!" haha! I love you all very much and I hope that things are going well as usual! I send my love and I say, read the book of mormon, cause it is awesome! :) Love Elder Peterson!

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