Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

Well, since everyone wants to know what conference is like here I will try and explain what happens! Since we are two hours ahead, it starts at 12 each day and is done at 6 in the afternoon. Priesthood was from 8 until 10 at night! The three branches of Guadeloupe (basse-terre, lamentin, abymes) all go to the Abymes chapel! All the members listen two it in French and the missionaries that want to listen to it in English go to a different room in the building! We all stay at the church and just talk with Member/Investigators. But yeah it goes kinda like that! Conference was amazing! Five years ago, I don't think I ever thought that I would love Conference as much as I do now! I long for it and I love the messages that are shared. I'm so grateful for a living Prophet and his Apostles! I could feel the Lord's love for us and he servants talked! Something that I thought was really cool during General Conference was the Love that the Apostles showed towards the Prophet! Elder Russell M. Nelson really made it known to me of the brotherhood that these mean have! I love them and will thank them forever for their devotion to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! In our Zone meeting a little while ago and we talked about the fears that we have as missionaries. One of the fears that I added to the list was the fear of change! Well change was talked about in General Conference and how we should welcome change! I thought that was really cool! Also, I know that coming out on my mission, I didn't want to change some of my characteristics and others I felt free to change. After listening to the messages, I know now that I have to whole heartadly turn towards the Lord and let him change me into what he wants me to be! I was really inspired this Conference and I'm thankful for that! I sincerely love this Gospel and I'm thankful for the changes it has wrought in my life! The Lord has truly blessed me!

We had a great week and my companion is back to good health and all is going well with that! We are keeping pretty dang busy and it doen't ever seem like there is enough time! I guess that is just a part of life!

I'm proud to know that two other of my family members are out on missions! I've been blessed with an amazing family and with amazing examples who have helped inspire me! I thank you all and I send my love and prayers! Have a fantastic week, and as President Monson said, "be a little better!" Love Elder Peterson!

The half puzzle he recieved for his half way mark.

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