Monday, December 22, 2014


Dear family, well we have a lot going on today and the guy at the email place didn't show up until way late so now we are running behind. Since I will be seeing you this week, I'm not to worried about the short email! We had a good week, a busy one but definitely a good one! We actually went to re-contact this guy that we talked to a way long time ago and we gave him a book of Mormon. Well we decided to go back and he had read up until Mosiah 7! It was incredible! Also Lucienne, the Recent convert has read the whole book of Mormon once and is now going to have it finished again before the new year! She absolutely loves that book! It was pretty funny because she was telling us a little bit about her conversion and she was explaining that how when she got 3 nephi she felt like she needed to color in every page because she loved it so much! The book of Mormon is a very powerful book! Christmas time is great! It is especially great to be out doing the Lords work! I have loved helping people grow closer to Christ! The ultimate Gift! I hope that we all do our very best to understand this gift and apply it in our lives! I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope some snow will come for you soon! :) I could send some sunshine if you would like that :) I can't wait to see you all and be able to share some stories with you! Truly seek the gift this christmas, it has changed my life and I'm forever grateful for that! 10 Et voici, il naîtra de Marie, à Jérusalem, qui est le pays de nos ancêtres; elle-même sera vierge, vase précieux et élu, qui sera couverte de l’ombre du Saint-Esprit et concevra par son pouvoir, et enfantera un Fils, oui, le Fils de Dieu. 11 Et il ira, subissant des souffrances, et des afflictions, et des tentations de toute espèce; et cela, afin que s’accomplisse la parole qui dit qu’il prendra sur lui les souffrances et les maladies de son peuple.12 Et il prendra sur lui la mort, afin de détacher les liens de la mort qui lient son peuple; et il prendra sur lui ses infirmités, afin que ses entrailles soient remplies de miséricorde, selon la chair, afin qu’il sache, selon la chair, comment secourir son peuple selon ses infirmités. Alma 7:10-12. It is in French but you can look it up :) some of my favorite verses! I love you all and merry merry christmas! Thank you for all the love and support! And lanise, those nut balls were gone with in the first day! oh my goodness, so good! Thank you for the Christmas package with everything inside! The activity has been pretty fun for my companion and I! Also the lights that you sent blew out the first day haha :) to much power here! Thank you family for money and letters and everything! I'm so grateful for you all! I have been blessed, truly! Love Elder Peterson!

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