Monday, December 15, 2014

New Missions

From President Mehr:

Dear Elders and Sisters,
I have been authorized to announce by the First Presidency that as of July 1, 2015 the West Indies Mission will be split. The new missions will be named Trinidad Port of Spain Mission and the Barbados Bridgetown Mission.

The Trinidad Mission will consist of Trinidad, Suriname, Guyana and the ABC islands off the coast of Venezuela.

The Barbados Mission will consist of the Islands north of Trinidad already in the mission including French Guiana that is part of the Guadeloupe District.

I will received from the missionary department further instruction on what to do to prepare for these changes and I will let you know as soon as I do.

Well that is the big news for today! How crazy is that? I will be here for one transfer after the mission has been split and that is going to be super crazy! It will be weird for the missionaries that go home right after the split because they will be going hime through Barbados! President Mehr was joking around with me in my interview say that when he flies home he will probably be on the plane with all the missionaries that are going home and that they will all be trunky together! :) So basically I will be in the Barbados mission now! Also I will be skyping at 4:00pm our time so that will be 1:00pm your time! We had a pretty busy week getting zone conference and all of that fun stuff ready! We did a lot of driving due to the fact that we have the van so we had to go do a bunch of airport runs! We even got to drive President to the car rental place after his plane had been delayed 2 hours! He is pretty funny after his bed time, but I think we all are :) I will tell you what, when 10 roles around at night, everything shuts off and I'm ready to pass out! But anyways, zone conference was great! It is fun to have the missionaries from martinique and st. marteen fly in and be reunited! During conference we talked about real growth which is baptism, retention and reactivation and how we can obtain real growth. President mehr shared a story of a contracter that cut corners while he was building someones home and then when he realized that the owner was being so forgiving, he started adding in bonus into the house. Well at the end of the whole thing, when the owner and the contracter took a walk through the house, the owner was so impressed that he gave the keys to the house to the contracter and said thank you for building your own mansion! How related is that to missionary work and serving in God's work. We all need to realize that we are building our own mansions and one day the keys will be handed off to us! I really enjoyed the story that he shared because it made me really get a look on how we must take our time in building our mansions! It was a great zone conference and we had our district conference as well which was for all the members. Basically stake conference! Francoise hasn't been coming to the church for the past little while so we are pretty disappointed about that and it just makes us see how the gap between righteous and evil is getting bigger and bigger! We see that all of the place. We have been teaching some people that are our age and it is so challenging to teach them! The views of the world are destroying the rising generations! It is so sad! We have a great week ahead of us and we are going to go out there and do some work! We are so excited to go out and truly share the spirit of Christmas! There is a great joy in serving others and it brings so much happiness to my heart! Mosiah 2:17! I love you all so very much and I hope you have a great week! Enjoy the christmas season and I invite you all to find opportunities around you to serve those and share the gift of Christmas which is Christ! :) I'm excited to hear the miracles! You're in my prayers and thoughts! :) Love elder Peterson

Elder Pratt, my trainer
The pictures are of President Mehr getting shots

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