Monday, December 29, 2014


Christmas is such a great time! And on top of that I got some crazy weird rash all over my body for like two days but I'm pretty sure it is gone now so all is well there! We have had two sick missionaries in our district so we were doing some small little trade-offs for most of the week and we were able to work out some great stuff! Christmas was great and it was so much fun to be able to see you all! :) Sounds like it was a great Christmas back home and I sure hope the snow keeps coming for you! Christmas Eve we went to the Constant family's house and they were so generous to make us diner and to spend the evening with us! President Constant is our Branch President so it was great to be able to spend a little bit of time with him as well! Christmas morning we woke up and got ready for the day and then went and spent some time with the Jazzon family! They actually have 2 missionaries out right now who are in Canada so they were pretty excited to get their phone calls in with them as well! It has been pretty great to be able to share the true message of Christmas. It is something I took for granted before, but now I realize that the ultimate gift of Christmas is Christ. The Gift he gave us is Infinite and so real! It is crazy to think that Christmas has already come and gone again and now it is almost 2015!

We have been blessed recently with some pretty cool contacts that have been surprising us with how interested they are in the Book of Mormon. I may or may not have already told this story but we found a Cuban lady who has been asking us some super sweet questions about God and religion! We have seen her a couple times now but it has been pretty hard to find her when she is available! We have two baptismal dates for the moment and we are looking to have a lot more to increase the chance of more baptisms! We have one investigator that we have been working with lately who is giving us a real hard time! He has been studying with another religion for the past ten years and they have had a pretty big impact on the way he thinks and sees the Bible. The most recent discussion we had was about how God continues to give revelation to his children and how miracles do exist still! He wasn't having it and he said he is going to find the scriptures for us this next time to prove his point! I was getting a pretty good kick out of the whole thing! :)

We have a lot of work ahead of us and I'm looking forward to this upcoming week and all the things we will be able to accomplish with the help of the Lord! I love being here and being able to have everyday in front of me so that I can change and become the person that I'm supposed to be!

Happy new year to you all and don't stay up to late! ;) I will be sound asleep by the time midnight rolls around! I love you all and it was great to see you this past week! :) I have an amazing family! And Amazing Friends! Have a great week and you will be in my prayers and thoughts! Thanks for all that you do!

Love Elder Peterson!

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