Monday, September 1, 2014


Well I'm not really sure how we are already going into week 6 of this transfer! I feel like it should only be like week 3! It amazes me how fast time has been going by lately but I'm sure it has to do with the fact that we are trying to stay as busy as possible! The sickness moved it's way out on Monday so I was set and ready to go for the whole week! I was pretty dang sore though for a couple of days though but now all is going well! So we have had some interesting things happen, Dina, the lady that we met contacting one day and left with a Book of Mormon has kind of disappeared on us and we are pretty heartbroken you could say, about that! Also we haven't been able to see Francoise for a really long time now! We don't know what has been happening and we have been trying to do all that we can to figure things out! We didn't have any success this week with them but we still have this coming week so we will see what happens! Things are going great with Lucienne, it has been really cool to see her fulfill D&C 20:37. We have seen so much change in her and we know she is going to get baptized! We have her baptismal interview this week and hopefully her baptism on Saturday! We ended up doing a lot of finding this week and the Lord really blessed us with some amazing contacts! It is really cool to see what difference the Book of Mormon makes on people when we introduce it for the first time! There really is something so special about it! I can't really remember a lot of other stuff so I guess that will be all for this week! Something funny that happened, we came accross a french guy and the contact was so funny! He came out to the gate and opened it and was super friendly! He continued to ask us why we were there and we told him what we did! Instantly his mood changed and he slammed the gate on us! I stood there so confused as he starred at us! Note that he was just tall enough so that his eyes made it over the gate! And he starts walking away saying I don't need all this religion and stuff and he was super mad! I was still in awe and it was pretty funny to us! It is really sad when people don't give these things a chance!

Life is great here! I've been really trying to focus my thoughts towards the Savior in all things and it has been really blessing me! It helps a lot and the spirit is so much stronger! I also love the Book of Mormon, I know that the words were really inspired for our time and that they can really help us get so much closer to Christ, as I have seen it in my life! I invite everyone to take the time to read from the Book of Mormon, and I can testify that it will change lifes! :) I love you all so much and I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Thanks again for all the love and support! Love Elder Peterson!

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