Monday, September 22, 2014


Well I wanted to start off by saying happy birthday dad!! :) I sure hope you go out and do something fun for me! Maybe a nice harley ride :) Happy birthday again!!

Zone conference was super awesome this past week and it was super great for all the missionaries here on Guadeloupe! Elder Zivic is an amazing person filled with love for everyone! We got to hear him give a devotional in Spanish and Elder Gamiette translated it to French! It was super cool! Elder Zivic also speaks really good English! We received instruction on a lot of things but I guess the them was how to be more effective missionaries! and also how we can have more faith! It was super great and we learned a lot of things! I don't really have a lot of time to talk about that today! But I can say the upcoming weeks are going to be awesome, because we are going to try our best to apply all the things we were taught and we know that our zone here will start seeing miracles!

Lucienne had her baptismal interview and she is preparing for baptism this saturday!! :) It has been awesome to have had the chance to work with her and watch her testimony grow as mine has grown a long side of her's! It was pretty cool, last night we sat down and listened to a talk by President monson and she goes, "wow, that was edifying!" haha she is so awesome!

I'm personally going to be working hard these next couple weeks on sanctifying myself and becoming more virtuous! It has been a work in the progress but I know it will come a long and I have my whole life to try and perfect it! That's about all for this week! Time to go out and baptize!! I sure do appreciate all the prayers and love in my behalf! I thank everyone for all the support! I think about you all often and you are in my prayers! May the Lord bless you! Love elder peterson!

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