Monday, September 8, 2014

N'importe qui biten

That was easily a quick transfer and I think that has to do with the fact that it was just so busy! I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming transfer and what can come from it! Elder Christensen and I learned a lot together and I'm excited to see what can happen when we put all the new things into work!

It was quiet an interesting week for us here. Might as well get the bad news over with and say that Lucienne didn't end up getting baptized, but don't worry, it will come here soon! She has made so many changes in her life and she told us that she doesn't want to go back but she wants to keep moving forward! So earlier this week she was feeling pretty sad because of some family issues that she got solved then Tuesday night while I was down on an exchange, Elder Christensen and Elder Ehlert went and gave her a blessing! She expressed her feelings that that really helped and that she was still planning on the baptism this past Saturday! Well Wednesday, the day of the interview, we get a call from her and she ended up telling us that she wasn't getting baptized because her daughters wouldn't let her and that they don't support her. She also mentioned something about about her daughters looking at stuff on the internet. Right then and there a red flag came up and Elder Christensen and I knew that they had looked at ex-mormon stuff. So we asked her if we could come over and talk to her and her 2 daughters. We went over later that night and we basically got attacked but we listened respectfully to all of their arguments and towards the end we attempted to respond to their concerns but they were to set in their ways. It was so sad. It makes it even more sad to know that we could have responded to all of their arguments with doctrine but they refused to listen. So that lesson didn't really help anything but it was really spiritual for Elder Christensen and we both came out edified by the spirit and we were taught many lessons! Lucienne came to church on Sunday and she loved it. It was a tender mercy because a couple of the testimonies that were born concerning a lot of the difficulties that Lucienne was having, without anyone even knowing! We saw her last night with a member and she is still planning on Baptism but she doesn't know when! We invited her to pray concerning the "when" so we will see what happens! We are really praying for her and we know that God has a plan for her! The Lord has been blessing us! We have been so thankful for all these blessings! We have an awesome transfer ahead of us and we are going to get work done! :)

There is some more stuff but I don't really have anytime so that will have to wait! I hope everyone has a great week and for those of you that started school again, good luck! :) I send my love and prayers! Especially my appreciation! Have a great week!! :) Love Elder Peterson!

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