Monday, August 25, 2014


Well the chikungunya has taken it's course on me this past weekend! I've been feeling pretty weird ever since thursday but this weekend was the worst. I thought I was immune to the sickness but that wasn't true! The week was a pretty good one other than that! Unfortunately we haven't been able to see Dina or Francoise this week and neither of them were at church. We are really hoping this wee that we will get the opportunity to see them and see how things are going! Lucienne was at church again and she has been making awesome progression! We had a lesson with her last night and she basically ended up teaching us about the priesthood! That was pretty cool! Her two daughter have been starting to show interest in the gospel as well so the Lord has been blessing us immensely! We had a mom and her daughter come to church on sunday for the first time, the Franscique family! They loved church and the little 8 year old girl is super genius! Elder Christensen told me that she said to him that she learned way more at our church than at her church! We thought that was pretty cool! We have definitely been blessed lately and it is such a huge blessing! Hopefully I can get this sickness gone here soon so I can get back out to working hard! Dang mosquitoes! I've had a fever all weekend! It has been pretty fun! :) Passing my year mark was pretty weird, although it doesn't really feel like it has been that long at all! I'm so thankful for how far I have come in only one year! This gospel has been such a blessing and I love being here! I am really looking forward to this next year and how much more progression I can make! Also I hope you are saving the other half of that candy and stuff for when I get home;) That is about all for this week! Glad everyone enjoyed the fair, I didn't miss it :) haha There are some birthdays coming up soon, Mom, Kim and grandpa peterson! I wish you all a Happy Birthday!! :) Go out and celebrate for me!! I will be thinking about you all!

Again, thanks for all the love and support! I hope everyone has an awesome week! I send all my love and appreciation!! Love elder peterson!

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