Tuesday, August 12, 2014


   I accidently deleted everything that I was going to say and now I am running out of time, what luck do I have! We went to les saintes again yesterday and that is why you are getting the email right now! Sorry about that! Just real quickly though, Things are going awesome here! Lucian came to church and she loved it, and she loves the book of mormon! She is making so much progression! We had another investigator at church whose name is Dina and that was super awesome because we had only had one lesson with her! The lord is blessing us according to our desires and our obedience! Things are going awesome right now! Elder christensen got us stuck in the mud for about 45 minutes the other night and that was pretty funny haha! The van we are in doesn't do to well with the mud!
   That is all I have time for really! I need to go but I am glad that everyone had an awesome week and that the snake river was a blast! I am sad I missed out on that! Have a great week and sorry this letter was a short one, that is my fault! I love you all so much! thanks for all you do!!

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