Monday, August 18, 2014

One Year

Well, the computer isn't really having that many problems today so I should be able to get you a good email! Where do I begin? This was a super awesome week filled with blessings and miracles! I guess I will start by talking about Dina! Dina was a contact we had a couple weeks ago and ever since we left the Book of Mormon with her, she has been progressing rapidly! We had a lesson with her on Friday and we were even blessed to talk with her daughter! Saturday we had a baptism for the Elders of Baie-mahault and Dina was able to come! After the baptism, President Eclar and I took her into a room and asked her what she thought. She explained to us that she got the chills and that she felt so good! What a huge blessing! She said she knows that this is the path that she needs to take! As we were walking out of the room into the foyer of the chapel, President Eclar, in English goes, "well she is getting baptized!" It was pretty awesome and Elder Christensen and I were pumped! Our investigator whose name is Lucienne also came to the baptism and she loved it! We are amazed at the progress that our investigators have been making! Francoise, another investigator that we have, was at church as well, along with Lucienne! The three of these investigators have a baptismal date for the 6th of september and we are working hard towards these dates! One super cool thing that happened also this week, we were at a members house with Lucienne and her daughter Linda who is 21 years old. Linda has a hard time accepting doctrine and at this specific moment and time, we were talking about the law of chastity, and Linda refused to understand or even believe in it. Elder Christensen explained that one of the ways we can know if this is really God's commandment is by putting it to the test and waiting for the blessings that follow! Then out of know where lucienne goes, "I know that this is a commandment because I have put it to the test also!" It was so amazing and the spirit was so strong! That was a blessing filled week!

I hope that everyone has an awesome week and that the fair is blast! I won't miss that at all haha! I love you all and I thank you for all your love and support! Have a great week everyone! :) One year has flown by! Love elder Peterson!

a giant millapat
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