Monday, June 29, 2015

Sounds like it's getting hot in Utah!

Well there went another week and it sure did fly by! I'm never really sure where to begin these letters! Maybe I will start off by saying that I'm still alive and I'm not sure if it is as hot here as it is there! The way I'm hearing about it, it sounds like an oven! :) One of the blessings of serving in the West Indies is that now I will be adjusted to the heat! That is until my first winter! Well happy fourth of July to all! I can assure you all that we will be singing the National Anthem here on martinique! :) If we could play with fireworks, I'd probably go buy some ;) Oh well though, eat some good food for me! We had a pretty sweet experience this past week with our planning and we saw the blessings of planning by the spirit! One night we got in for our nightly planning and we started planning.

We had some set appointments during the day so we planned those in and we were working on setting our back-up plans when a couple of names came to mind. There was this lady that we had met a week earlier and it was clear that we needed to stop by her house. We didn't really think about it much because we had a set appointment and she was just the back-up plan. Well turns out that the fixed appointment fell through and we were left to our back up plan so we went to this lady's home and she opened up and let us in and she was having some issues in her family that day. It was a miracle the lord led us to her house because we not only taught her but she had us follow her to her daughters house where we met her and her boyfreind, who we ended up teaching! Then we went back a couple days later and guess what, we met 2 more people who we have now started teaching! The Lord truly did lead us in that one! Goodness, we would have never found all these people if it wasn't for that simple effective planning! It was a huge blessing to us! We were also blessed to set a baptismal date with another one of our investigators who told us that she is sure that this message is true but she has not yet been to church so we are going to keep working with her! President and Sister Mehr have pretty much finished their mission and it is going to be different with out them but it has been a huge blessing to have them around! I sure have learned a lot for them! We are excited for the mission split! I'm not sure it will change a whole lot for me personally but we will see what happens! That is about all for this week! I love you all! Have a fantastic week and happy fourth of July! :) AAAMMMERRICA! love elder peterson

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