Monday, June 8, 2015

Slow Computer Day

Wow, what a week and what some crazy people that we are teaching right now! Like a said I think last week or a couple weeks ago, we are going through a pretty big finding process right now! President mehr called it the Pioneer work as we are working to establish the church out in Trinité where it is only a group and not a branch! I get the idea of what it was like for church members in the early stages of the church and as the church was founded! We run into our days equivalent of some "angry mobs!" But it is all good, they don't have any pitch forks or anything like that! :) But wow, it makes me thankful for the pioneers and what they did to make sure the church was growing! The Lord has truly been blessing us these past couple weeks as we have been striving to do our best, we still have things to work on but in the Lord's infinite goodness, he has been supporting us! There was a lady that we found probably my first week in this area and we were able to go teach her this past week and we had a great lesson on the Restoration and we extended an invitation to be baptized! What was a pretty huge blessing was the fact that it was really late at night and all of our plans fell through so we decided to give this lady a call and she said come on over! The Lord truly does have a plan for everything! We were blessed with opportunities to set baptismal dates with three people this past week which really helps the progression of our area, of which we are very grateful for! Our leaders have really been pushing us and trying to help us in any way that they can! Things are going great, we still have a lot of finding to do and a lot of work to do with the members! :)

A couple stories from the week: So there is this investigator who had formerly been taught by the sister missionaries but since he lives in our area we have taken over the teaching process. Only that the teaching process hasn't really started yet because he got on the internet and looked up the Church and yeah he found ex-mormon stuff and is kind of closed off. In the meantime we offered him with help with anything. Well he called us and told us that he needed help with something so we met him at our group building and basically he ended up asking us for fincancial advice on some pretty serious stuff! My companion and I just stared at each other and basically said, look we are young and we have no idea how to help you but we can refer you to the members who could help you out! :) It was pretty interesting! We are teaching a family also that loves the sabbath day and really would like us to explain why we have the sabbath day on Sunday! We are looking forward to addressing this question! :) My companion is a total champ as a fairly knew missionary! He is always so happy and I always tell him that he is just super giddy and wha Yeah there is more but you know how quickly time goes! I love you all and have a fantastic week! Happy late birthday to one of the best grandmas in the world! Love you Grandma weese! :) Hope that maddox was just so great! :) Love you all!

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