Monday, June 22, 2015


This week was a great one! The work here in Trinité is coming along and like you told me in my interview, it is about being persistent! I'm definitely realizing that and the Lord has been supporting me in my afflictions as I have been praying and supplicating him! The other day as we were blitzing our area, the zone leaders were with us and we split up and went finding in some specific places. Well as we were doing this blitz we had a pretty sweet miracle! As we were about to leave after spending about an hour and a half working in an apartment building we decided to pick one more door to contact and the spirit lead us right to the door and it ended up being a family that received us! What I found impressive was the fact that everyone was doing something when we got there but when we sat down they all gathered around the table and listened to what we had to share! The spirit was strong! We went back this weekend to see them and we had a member with us which was a blessing! They kept their engagement to read in the Book of Mormon and we had a good lesson even though there were a bunch of little kids running around screaming. The Lord has been blessing us families lately and that has been a tender mercy! There is another lady that we just started teaching that has two daughters that haven't been baptized! It is no wonder that we were lead to their house! Blessings and miracles are all around and we just have to be able to recognize them! A gift of the spirit I would say! We also went and played basketball with some youth in our area the other day and we met a really inspiring person. It was a teenage boy who has been in a wheelchair all his life but I will tell you what, that didn't stop him from playing basketball like a champ! The wheel chair was definitely not a limiter for him, he knew that he could set the bar for himself! He was so happy and truly loving life and it was truly inspiring to watch him play basketball! He even played 3 vs 3 with us! There are some truly amazing people out there! But yeah, those are just some of the blessing of this last week! We know that many more are in the making!

Happy late fathers day to all of them dads! I'm a pretty forgetful person! You're awesome dad! :) I sure do love you! And my two amazing grandpas! Happy birthday to Shauna this week! :) I sure do love you all! Have a fantastic week! You're in my thoughts and prayers! Elder Peterson

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