Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Zone Meeting

From Brother and Sister Turner:

We had a fabulous zone meeting the other day! Elder Cornish, the Area President told this story to some of our missionaries and they Sisters told us. It was about a young man who lived in a village. Life was hard. He only had a cow to help him and his family survive. One day, a wise man came to the village. The young man asked him to come to his pasture on the side of the mountain. He showed him the cow helped them surpvive but they needed something more for a better life. The wise man listented to him and then walked over to the cow and pushed him off the cliff! The cow died. The wise man said, "You will thank me for this one day", and then left. Several years later, the wise man came back and noticed a beautiful mansion where the pasture used to be. He asked who had built it. He was told it was the young man whose cow he had pushed over the cliff. When the young man had no other choice, he looked for a way to make his life better. In Zone Meeting, we discussed what our "cows" are. Things that hold us back. We listed many things like fear, laziness, lack of faith etc. Then the Sisters gave each companionship a "Cow". We wrote the things that are holding us back on the cow and then destroyed it! It was a lot of fun, but more than that, it is something we will always remember and apply!

Elders Lewis and Peterson
Elders Savard, Sejournet and Pape
The Sisters and Elder Roberts with the cows
A cow (that looks kind of like a pig)
Sisters Tenney and Riley

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