Monday, March 30, 2015

Doing Work

Basically yeah, Elder Lewis and I are seeing some great miracle and a lot of tender mercies from the Lord! We've been so thankful these past couple of weeks because of the many blessings that have been coming our way and the progression in the work! The progress that we have been making as a companionship has been incredible and it has been another huge blessing as we have really focused on our teaching skills and have worked on mastering that! I will tell you what though, there is always something new to learn and things that we must be applying! It is sweet! Now we are really going to be focusing on getting the member work going! With zone conference and everything like that, they have really been emphasizing the teachings that we must get the member involved or nothing will progress! President Mehr and Sister Mehr came to Martinique for the day this past week an they gave us some great ideas on how we can truly serve this people as it says in Mosiah 2:17! They reminded us that we have the right to the revelation for each one of the members here and that we need to go in prepared to teach them the pure doctrine of Christ! The Mehr's are incredible and I don't know how they keep all of the energy that they do because they are always booked with stuff to do! All of us missionaries sure do look up to them! Things are definitely going to be changing here on Martinique and we are going to do our best to keep up with the Lord as he hastens this work to build up his kingdom here on the Earth! As Elder Lewis and I have been working hard to get rid of any contention between the both of us, we have been seeing a great unity and we have been becoming great brothers! I have had amazing companions on my mission! Elder Lewis is so great at loving everyone and truly making everyone happy with his lovable attitude and it is great to be around! He motivates me so much more.

Well we were blessed with Irena and another investigator names Jean-Louis coming to church! That was Irena's second time and she loved it! It was a lot better than the first time because her son was super tired and we all know how that goes! Jean-Louis had a lot of questions about the Priesthood that we will be addressing this upcoming week! But other than that he enjoyed it! The Vestrice family made it back from their cruise and they didn't make it to church because they got a little sick but they are still progressing like crazy! They still call us very often to get us to come over and teach them and they are always prepared with super awesome questions! It is so awesome! We are praying for baptismal dates this upcoming week! :) We also went to a members house this past week and taught them about teaching pure doctrine and how when we teach pure doctrine in church meetings, that contention will not be among us as we fight with opinions! It was great! Blessings are coming and we are indeed grateful! Things are getting really busy as the mission is preparing to split!

I just want to say that I know repentance is such a blessing in our lives as we strive to become more and more like Christ and our Father in Heaven! It feels so good to know that you are on good terms with the Lord and it is great to learn from repentance! As I have repented along my mission I've seen the many blessing that come as God wants to forgive and wants us to achieve! I sure do love you all and Happy Easter! :) I know that Christ Lives!! Have a great week!

Love Elder Peterson

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