Monday, March 23, 2015

More Blessings

This past week was Zone Conference with Elder Cornish and his wife and it was awesome! The focus right now in our mission is achieving real growth by really getting the members trained and helping them fulfill their responsibilities as members! We talked about helping members teach their investigators and not "our" investigators! Meaning that we are here as "master teaches" helping members teach their investigators! They should be the members investigators because they will be staying here and will be able to keep an eye on them! It was great and he also told us that we are blessed with the calling of being "special witnesses of Christ" like the general authorities of the church because we are called to build up the church and to build God's kingdom! We also had a missionary leadership council where elder Cornish talked to us about our expectations and how our expectations need to be the Lord's expectations and not ours! It was great and we are excited to go put it all in action! :)

Well, that was a pretty awesome week as we just went to work in the service of the Lord! However, I never know were to start these emails because so much happened! One of the huge highlights is the Vestrice family! I mentioned the father in my email this past week but now the whole family is involved! Like I said this past week as well, he calls us almost every day to invite us over to teach the family! They came to a family home evening activity this past week at the Church and they loved it so much! They are progressing so much and we are thankful for the opportunity that we have to teach them! The members also did such a great job welcoming them as well and they felt the love of the members because of that! We have been working hard the past couple weeks to get the "escalator" area and things are definitely starting to fall into place! We don't have any baptismal dates at this moment but that is a our next step and we know the Lord will bless us in our efforts! Earlier in the week Elder Turner came with us and worked for the day and it was so great to have someone like him who is full of spiritual knowledge! The day that we spent together was amazing and we ended up seeing the Vestrice family! Elder Turner shared his testimony and it was so powerful. The Father explained that ever since he has been meeting with us, he has been seeing so many improvements in his life and he even shared the Book of Mormon with his co-workers!! We are teaching a girl who is about 18 years old and she is going to be a missionary one day! We talked to her about the Book of Mormon and she is interested in reading it. She has told us that she doesn't really have a testimony that God is really there so we promised that if she reads the Book of Mormon that she will receive a testimony! Yeah, there are so many other people that we are teaching right now that are like these two sets of investigators and we feel super blessed! Elder Lewis and I and working hard and every time we learn something that we are doing wrong or something we could be doing better, we work pretty quickly to correct ourselves! We know that we have nothing holding us back but ourselves so we are trying to get ourselves out of the way!

I send my love, prayers and gratitude! Have a fantastic week et je vous aime tous! :)

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