Monday, March 16, 2015

The Book of Mormon

I will tell you what, I never know where to begin. One week into one hour of typing? Yeah it is a good exercise for my mind as I go back through the week! :) Well I guess I'll start off by saying that my testimony has been really growing lately as I'm sincerely seeking to gain a better relationship with my father in heaven and also with my savior. It has been a humbling experience for me as I've noticed the weaknesses that I have. It is such a blessing to know that our father is patient with us and that through the Grace of Christ, we can all overcome sin and temptation, just like it says in Moroni 10:32-33. I've noticed that it is very easy to become impatient with one's self when overcoming weaknesses but I've really learned that God is full of mercy and he truly does want us to succeed! I was sitting in sacrament meeting just meditating when I opened the scriptures to 3 NĂ©phi 22 and I came across verse 17. It really comforted me to know that the Lord is their to protect us and to give us our righteous heritage!

As to our week, our week was sweet and filled full of such sweet miracles! Elder Lewis, a long time ago, contacted this man that had explained that once he believed in Christ but that he was becoming a Jew because of contradictions in the Bible. Well this past week, we got an appointment with him and it was incredible because his wife and him both joined in on our lesson and they were loving it! Every day after that he called us to try and get us to come over and teach him but we were so busy that it just wasn't possible. Finally we got to see him on Saturday and we were blessed to have a member there with us. The member shared his testimony of the Book of Mormon and right after, he asked us if he could share his testimony. He went on explaining that the night before he was up reading the Book until 1 in the morning because he couldn't put it down. He explained that in reading, he couldn't deny that there was a Christ and that he came and was resurrected. In just three days he had finished 1 nephi and he understood everything almost perfectly! He then went on to explain that he came across a part where Christ is talking about Contention and how contention is of the devil and in his own words he said, "that broke me, I felt terrible for all the times that I was ever upset with my wife or my daughter." Then he knelt down and asked for forgiveness and went into his wife and asked for her forgiveness. It was almost incredible to see the change that was made in just three days. His eyes were full of the light of Christ and no one can deny that power. It was a testimony builder for me seeing that anyone who is truly sincere in seeking God's love, will find it! He came to church and we will be going to see him tonight! We are truly being blessed with investigators right now who truly are sincere and investigators who have committed themselves to reading the Book of Mormon!

Well looks like we have a new little baby boy to welcome into the family! Welcome to little Bracken! :) I'm glad that went well and that everyone was watched over! I can't wait to see him in person! :) so cute! I send my love and prayers as everyone goes about their days! Christ lives! :) love elder Peterson!

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