Monday, March 9, 2015


Dear Family and Friends,

Things went awesome this past week! We have really been working hard to be "escalator missionaries" and that has been really paying off, thanks to the tender mercies of the Lord! Last week, a lot of our contacts became new investigators and we are thankful for that! We were really working hard towards finding those who had been prepared by the Lord! This week we have a lot of appointments set up and we are praying to have a lot of members at those lessons! Elder Lewis and I actually ended up taking a little time to plan and to set some inspiring goals and after we did that we saw sweet stuff happen. For example, we had set a goal to talk with everyone while we are out on the Streets traveling around. Well not 10 minutes after we had left the apartment, on the bus we met a lady and struck up a conversation with her and she basically ended up telling us that it was a miracle that she met us because she had been praying that she would have an opportunity to talk to us. She had also explained that she has really been desiring to grow closer to Christ. She talked about how recently she started going back to Church in her old religion and how she didn't feel at all in her place. Now she is looking for that which is right for her. We set an apointment up a couple days later and went over with member and had a great lesson with her! Her name is angelique and she is sweet! We taught Gerome again and we were blessed to have member there with us. We had a sweet lesson with him and he truly has been prepared! He understands things so well and we are looking forward to the progress he is going to be making! He set a goal to read the Book of Mormon before April 15 because he really wants to know if it is true! This last week we truly had a rise in the investigators that we have and we have been finding many wonderful people that we are looking to make progressing invesigators! Elder Lewis and I have really caught a great vision for our area and we are looking forward to what is in the process of happening for us! We are teaching a lady whose name is Martine and we have been having a difficult time getter her to Church. Well this past week we got a member there with us and he has been there before but he was able to really help us respond to her challenges. We got a good laugh out of the impression that he did of her to help her see how she responds when we invite her to Church! she got a good laugh as well! There are awesome members here!

We have been working a lot recently with our Branch and the Branch Mission plan. We want to set goals that will help Branch members fulfill their calling as member missionaries. We had a Branch Council this past week where we talked about ideas for setting families of the branch in groups and assigning them one or two baptisms throughout the year. The Branch Council members are to come prepared to our next meeting with ideas on how we can make our goals better! The Members here really want to see the progression of the Church and are working hard to make sure it happens! It is pretty great to see! We are going to start working more to see members in their homes and to help them make plans on how they are going to help the Church progress here! Missionary work is a blast! :)

Things are really going great! I wish everyone an amazing week and I send my prayers! Shauna, I'm looking forward to the big news this upcoming week and I pray that that all goes as planned! :) Happy birthday Ty!! Everyone is just growing up! And also Adam! Can't we all just stay Young!? I love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Peterson

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