Monday, July 28, 2014


   Wow hearing about Mitch being in an area for almost a year makes me realize that three transfers is nothing! ha I'm happy to hear that he was being a champ all the way through to the end though! I guess wrestling does teach a lot of Endurance ;) ha just kidding! From what I have seen so far, staying in one area for a long time can get pretty tedious and can become boring! It is awesome though when missionaries can keep a positive attitude and work hard all the way through! Speaking of transfers, I am going to Lamentin, Guadeloupe! Just moving to a different area on this Island! My new companion is Elder Christensen and I am super pumped! It is going to be a great transfer and I know I am going to definitely learn a lot. We will have the missionary bus basically (it is just a van) but no more bikes! I am not sure if I will miss all of these hills and what not! Probably eventually when the car starts making me unhealthy haha! I didn't expect this transfer at all but that is usually how it always is!
   A couple little stories about the week! I gave a talk in church about the joy in serving the lord and that was pretty good! I ended up talking for 20 min and I am not sure how that was even possible! I was happy though that it turned out pretty well! On Friday we went to an investigators house whose name is Marius! He was an investigator probably 4 to 5 years ago and we have just started teaching him again! He works in the banana fields and is very poor and every time we go to his house I just feel so bad for him! It is awesome thought because he is one of the nicest most humble people you will ever meet! He is always trying to give us stuff! We felt impressed to read in third nephi when Christ comes to the America's and he blesses all of the sick and afflicted! It was a sweet lesson and we were so happy to be there with him. He told us after that it gave him comfort and hope! It was super sweet!
   Good luck ben on your mission! I'm pumped for him! He is going to love it! I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I send my love and prayers! Read the Book of Mormon, it will change your life, even if it already has! It will push you always towards christ and it will show the way! I love you all! Thank you for all that you do for me!! Love elder peterson!

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