Monday, July 21, 2014

"deny yourself of all ungodliness"

This week wasn't our best but I learned a lot from it and I just need to put everything that I learned into practice. Weren't very diligent and that definitely showed in our numbers. It just pains me to know that I wasted time this past week and that is driving me to really work hard this week! I've noticed that my effort never really feels like enough but then when I look back at where I was when I first started my mission, I can tell that I have really made a lot of progress down the straight and narrow path! I thank my savior so much for have allowing me the opportunity to be here and to make this progress! Just like in Moroni 10:32! I love the scriptures so much and I know my leaders back home were not kidding when they said that true conversion will come from reading the book of mormon! One cool thing that happened this past week, actually yesterday, we saw a family who was taught by the missionaries a couple years ago and we feel as if they are ready to hear the gospel again! They told us a story of how the missionaries came over one day and the wife was sick so they gave her a blessing! They explained how she was healed almost instantly and that they have always remembered that! The seed was planted and it has grown! Such a huge blessing and we are going to really focus on this family! On a side note, we ended up playing Dominoes with a neighbor of a member and we made a deal that if we won we got to share our message with him, he agreed. We ended up losing but we still shared our message with him and that was pretty cool!

We got 24 dr peppers this past week and me and my companion drank them in like 5 days, they were so good! Our recent convert jean was dancing for us the other day and that was super funny haha! Life is good here on Guadeloupe! This is the last week of the transfer so we will see if I stay or leave! Have a great week everyone and good luck on your farewell talk Ben! I love you all so much!! Love elder peterson!

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