Monday, July 14, 2014

Zone Conference

Well zone conference is on Tuesday, time to see if I have the 84 scripture references memorized! ha! I am super excited for what our mission president is going to teach us, because he always seems to blow our minds! We love it haha! This week was a pretty busy one actually! I had to go to the prefecture on tuesday so I can be legal here in Guadeloupe and that stuff always takes so much time so I wasn't looking forward to it! The workers are always super angry with everyone and when they start getting angry at me I start stuttering and can't speak french haha not a good combination! But we got it all taken care of and now I have an appointment in october to get it all finished! But then on Friday I had to take Elder Ehlert to get his done! We spent a lot of time on the bus and walking around! It was a pretty long day!

Cool things that happened, Friday night we went to Jean's house, the recent convert, and we made pancakes for him and his neighbors and surprisingly just random people started showing up and we may begin teaching them! It was a pretty awesome miracle I thought! I decided we needed to do pancake night more often! People eat pancakes like crepes here and they like fold them up and put jam on them! It is really weird! I just want my peanut butter and syrup! Anyways, Sunday morning before district conference (or steak conference) we had micheal call us (recent convert and now less active) and tell us he was at the church! It was like 8:30 and it didn't start till ten. He told us he was going to go home because he didn't want to wait! He told us to call him back and after I hung up I felt impressed to pray that he would stay, so we all knelt down and prayed! He ended up staying and even brought is aunt who isn't a member! :) It was a huge blessing and I'm so thankful he ended up staying! It was a pretty awesome week!

We got our bikes bike and I am pretty happy about that! Walking is no fun haha But I hope that everyone has a great week! I send my love and prayers! Have fun in the hot sun! :) I love you all! Love elder Peterson!

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