Monday, June 30, 2014

Obedience and its blessings!

We had an awesome week down here in Capesterre! We set goals and we achieved them! Of course there were some goals we didn't meet but we improved a lot! Jean was interviewed this week and he is ready for baptism! I love him so much and I am so happy that he has made this choice to be baptized! In church on Sunday, he bore a little testimony in Priesthood and it was so powerful. It is amazing to see the impact of the gospel in the lives of others! He has come a long ways I think and I think that it has been pretty cool that I have been a part of his story from the beginning! He makes a laugh and we love being around him! Of course all of this success has been coming from the lord! We can see that our obedience and our desires to work hard have been paying off! It is easy to be lazy and to be lax about rules but it is definitely more worth it to work hard and to be obedient! I have noticed the past couple months that my attitude towards being obedient has grown so much! I contribute that to my own conversion to the gospel! The Book of Mormon talks about how when we become closer to Christ, we begin to have an abhorrence for sin! It has been a blessing so far in my mission!

We have been a little stressed about our branch here because all of the members are leaving on vacation and there won't be many member here on sunday's! In fact I was called to be the temporary secretary for the Branch until the secretary gets back from france haha! Elder Ehlert received a calling too as aaronic priesthood teacher! The funny thing is we aren't supposed to hold callings but we have no other option! It will all work out and things will work out like they are supposed too!

That is about all for this week! I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Happy fourth of July! I am going to miss that! Ammeerrica! I love you all!! Love elder peterson!

 Pancakes for a friend
 Jean is getting Baptized
 Went to the Zoo

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