Monday, June 23, 2014

Awesome Week

Dear Family!
I am not really sure where to begin this letter so this may be bad news haha! Just kidding! We had an awesome week and we found so many people and we have been really working on talking to everyone that we come in contact with! On Friday we decided to go up every city that was in a hill and oh man I was dead tired after word and my clothes felt like I jumped in a pool! But coming down all of the hills was a blast! I switched my bike seat to a different one that we had at the apartment and I was regretting that! It is a lot smaller and a lot harder seat! Great new though, we have a lot of hope about Jean getting baptized here on the 5th of July! I love that guy and he is always making us laugh! We went the other day to see him and the first thing he told us was that he bought a tie! So on sunday he was at church in a white shirt and tie and it was so awesome! He really feels like he is progressing to be baptized and we can see it too! Such a huge blessing!This sunday we were really worried that we weren't going to have very many people at church because they made Basseterre a group and that took a lot of our members from our branch. Miraculously we had a good number of people at church and we were all so happy about that! I really don't have a lot of stories for this week!
I am running out of time today so I need to go, sorry about the short letter! I hope that everyone has a fantastic week! I send my love and prayers your way! :) Thank you for all support! Can't believe it is almost July! Love you all!
Love elder peterson!

Elder Peterson and Elder Lewis
 Elder Peterson in the Rain
 The food Elder Peterson made

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