Monday, June 2, 2014


Well that was the first week the bikes have killed me so much! It was great!! And we saw lots of success and lots of blessings! By the time it came time to go back to our apartment we were exhausted and could barely make it up that hill so that was a great feeling, definitely not in the moment, but afterwards! :) This week we saw lots of success with finding people but not with our progressing investigators. There is a little city called St. Marie that we have a lot of great investigators in and we went there twice this week and none of them were there! We did see Jan&alec however and they told us that there are going to Dominica for 3 weeks. So we are probably going to have to push back their baptismal date for a couple weeks. We will see what happens but I think all will turn out well and for the best! Our investigator Jean who lives right by the church has been progressing quiet a bit lately so that has been a huge blessing! We have been having a hard time with him understanding that this church is really the church of Jesus Christ! We know that once he understands that, he will make the steps necessary to be converted to the gospel. We are planning on seeing him a lot more this week and see if we can't help him out! Elder Ehlert has been great and his a great missionary! He is a funny elder so it is good to have a laugh every now and again! He works hard!

On thursday all of the Priesthood holders went on a hike and Elder Gamiette had a bunch of activities set up to strengthen everyone, it was a pretty fun hike! That is until everyone started swimming in the river and all the missionaries sat there and watched happily ;) ha Jokingly we thought it would be funny to ask Elder gamiette for permission but we didn't end up asking!

It was a good week and we are looking forward to this week and we are excited to see what we can make of it! Sounds like everything is going great back home and that everyone is enjoying life! Happy birthday to Grandma Weese this week :) I love you all so much and have an amazing week! Love elder peterson

Elder Peterson on a hike with all the Priesthood Holders

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