Monday, May 26, 2014

My New Companion

  Well we have gotten settled in here with a new companion and he is great, we have been getting a long great so far! Life is going great here, but unfortunately not a whole lot of stories for this week! Towards the first of this week I decided that most of our investigators are eternal investigators, so Elder Ehlert and I have been thinking about dropping most of our investigators in Capesterre and starting out fresh, and trying to maybe find some new places to work! Since Capesterre is a bike area, the city has been overworked I think and I don't think that the missionaries wanted to adventure off to much. So our plan is to start working up in the hills, it will be a good work out for us haha! We had our investigators Jan & Alec to church yesterday and that was such a huge blessing! She told us that she knows these things are true but that she is going to have a hard time leaving her church because she never really had any problems there and she has calling and things like that. So we are praying that things will fall into place with them! They are so nice and they always give us homemade ice cream when we come by :) We have met some really cool people this past week and we are really hoping things will pick up here, and we have faith that it will! That is really all for this week!
  Congrats to the two in the family who are graduating this week! That is awesome! Congrats to casey and heather as well! I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all your love and support! Have an awesome week!!
Love Elder Peterson

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