Monday, December 2, 2013


Well thanksgiving is officially over! It doesn't really even feel like we had thanksgiving here even with the dinner that we had! Its cause it is way to hot for thanksgiving and I didn't have turkey and all that other good stuff but that's okay! I am just glad that we got to enjoy a dinner in the first place! I hope Thanksgiving was great for everyone back home and everyone remembered something that they were thankful for! Thursday didn't feel like thanksgiving but I thought about things that I am thankful for all day so it was really good!

We had a baptism Saturday that went really well! Its so cool to be able to be a part of someones conversion and their coming unto Christ! I feel very blessed to have been able to share that with someone else! I can still remember one of the first lessons that we had with her! Elder Pratt felt impressed to have her pray right then and there to see if these things are true and she agreed! So she said a very spiritual prayer and the spirit filled the room! afterwords we asked her how she felt and she told us that she couldn't describe the feeling but that she knew that she had received an answer! Its so cool how the spirit works! Something that I have really realized is that when we have questions in our heart or things that are just bothering us, if we pray with a sincerity and knowing that whatever answer we receive that we will follow the promptings we get, we can hear the spirit better and our hearts are more open to the answers we receive! If that makes sense at all! It made more sense in my mind haha! But anyways the baptism went well! She was baptized on Saturday and confirmed a member on Sunday!

The week was kind of crazy for us and we had some problems with the cars that needed to be taken care of but we got it all figured and went to work! We have realized that we don't have very many strong investigators in our area so our goal this week is to do a lot of contacting so that we can find those who are ready to hear the gospel! Contacting is really hard for me and I think that is just because I don't know french all that well but one day I hope that it will be better! If I work on my french as much as possible and pray and do everything that I can to have the Gift of tongues, I will learn French fast!

Well it is crazy to think that it is already December! Time is going pretty fast here! But I hope that everyone has an awesome week and I send my love and prayers!! I love you all!! Like I have said before, Enjoy the cold!! Love Elder Peterson!

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