Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Well Christmas time is here! I'm still a little confused how the time has gone by so quickly! It feels still like summer month to me but that might just be like that because it is always summer here! But that's all good, I have adjusted and gotten used to it! There has been something really different about this Christmas and that is that I feel like my relationship with my Savior has grown so much! The other day for District meeting, we watched some of the Jesus Christ videos that the Church put up, and I felt something very special in my heart! It is really amazing to think what Christ did for us. I'm so thankful for his sacrifice and because of his sacrifice and grace I can have eternal life! All mankind can if they are willing to do what is asked! I love my Savior and I am beyond thankful for what he has done for us all.

This past week was great! I was leading all the lessons the whole week and it went a lot better than I thought it would! I noticed that when I was leading, I could really see the things that I needed to work on! It really shows me the things that I'm lacking in. So that was a really cool part of that. On the other side, it did show me a lot of what I do know! But of course I still have a long ways to go! This past week we had some great lessons and we can see some promising baptismal dates here in the future. I can see that obediance plays a big role in all of this work. God isn't willing to bless us if we aren't willing to do what has been asked of us! I strive my very best to be obedient and be better than the day before! I've really enjoyed being with Elder Pratt and he has set a very good example for me! I'm thankful for everything he has taught me! It is weird to think that my training is almost finished!

Well everyone, have a very merry christmas! :) I would just like to thank everyone who has gave me support along the way and who has contributed money to my mission! I'm very grateful for all of you! Enjoy the holidays and I send my love and my thanks! Really remember our savior and his ultimate sacrifice! I love you all more than anything!! :) Love Elder Peterson

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