Monday, July 27, 2015

The Tour De Yole

I'm not really sure why I put the Tour de yole in the subject line, I have nothing to say about it other than it just started and that you will have to look up what it is, it looks pretty intense!

This is my last whole week as a full-time missionary and I'm so looking forward to it! Meaning that I'm going to make the absolute best out of it! I'm excited to see the blessing and the miracles that will come! And of course the trials that come along with life! Ever since President Uchtdorf gave his talk on being thankful in all circumstances, I've really striven to look at all situations with an eternal outlook and I've been able to confront trials more positively! They definitely are still just as challenging at times to overcome but I have been thankful for an Eternal perspective on things!

We had a good week and we started it off really well! The first couple days of the week were super fruitful! The other days were a little bit more challenging but still just as great! I don't know what it is but Saturday's have been the trial of my mission! Maybe it is because I've been used to Saturday being the day off but as a missionary doing the Lord's work, there is never time off! :) I've had to do some attitude changing on my self throughout my mission on the success that we can have on Saturdays! they are starting to feel like any other day for me. I imagine that it is kind of like what they say in the scriptures that the Lord time is one eternal round. I've been so thankful for the time the Lord has granted me on my mission and for the fact that He gave me the opportunity to come here. The Atonement is real, and it really does work! I'm touched when I think of all of the hearts that have been healed through the Savior's sacrifice. I can't even imagine all of the people that have been affected by such a wonderful gift! I have really been experiencing lately the love the the Lord has for all of his children, no matter what their faith or beliefs are! We are all children of God and God is no respecter of persons! We are here to help each other be righteous, and to obtain eternal blessings through Eternal covenants! By living a life of righteousness! Obviously the doing and putting in to application is the challenging part but I'm at least thankful that I have acquired a knowledge through the holy spirit! My companion has been making so much progression with his French lately and it has been so great to see! He is going to really do great things in this area! That's about all though for this week!

Oh yeah, I love you all!! :) See you soon! Also, thanks for the prayers in my behalf and all those around me!

Brother Langrand went working with us!
 Chichi's!! They are basically Churros
 At our group with the members who come.

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