Monday, July 13, 2015

Returning Home With Honor


Name: Elder Dustin Peterson
Mission Start-End Date: Aug 2013 - Aug 2015
My mission email:
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My Baptisms:Valerie Califf, Clarison St. Hilaire, Isabelle Gamiette, Jean-Claude Canfrin, Micheal Desplan, Jean Dorlus, Lucienne Desfontaines, Maryse Doulmeaux, Vestrice Family: Sylvin, Viviane, and Eve, Wisnel Pierre-Louis, Wilta Succeus

My Testimony: I know that God lives. I know that he is our father and that he loves each and everyone of us. I know that he sent his son, to be able to break the bands of death so that we could return to live in his presence. I know that Christ suffered all manner of affliction, pain, sorrow, and heartbreak and because he suffered all of that, he knows how to succor each and every one of us. I have a strong testimony of the healing powers of the Atonement and the power that Christ has to succor each and everone of us personally! He knows our deepest desires and he has the power to change those desires if they are not in harmony with his gospel. I know that if we will just allow his Atonement to take affect in our hearts, that those unrighteous desires will become righteous desires. I have felt the holes in my heart be filled with healing power. My desires have been changed to those that seek to do that which is good and righteous. I have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know that it truly is another testament of Jesus Christ. The Lord has used the Book of Mormon to comfort me time and time again. It is an inspired writing that was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith! A work that could not have been done by a man and man alone. The Church is true, it just is so true. It is Christ's true church here upon the Earth to help each and everyone one of us to live according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ it the head of this church and his Prophets have truly been lead by his power! I know that we have living Apostles and Prophets today and I will sustain them for the rest of my life. They are men called of God and they hold the authority to lead this church! I have found comfort in the words that have been spoken by these holy men. Christ lives! This is his work and it will go forth! The mission has been amazing and it has been ordained of God! I love the Lord! He has changed me, a gift that could not be bought, nor found here on this Earth! The Atonement truly took place and it is taking place in many of us today!

Advice to a new Missionary: If I could give any advice to a new missionary that would be to just enjoy and love life as a missionary. Be submissive the the Lord's will and life will be much more enjoyable for him/her. The “best two years” go by quickly so there is no reason to spend the time not enjoying it! Be willing to do what the Lord asks, be positive, and live the mission life to its fullest. Plant the seeds of faith in your heart as Alma says in Alma 32:28. Let the seeds be planted, don't reject them. Be obedient!

How I changed during my mission: I've changed in the sense where I have truly come to know of my purpose here on the Earth. Before my mission I never really understood the doctrines of the gospel nor did I have a personal testimony of the Gospel. Thanks to the testimony that I have acquired, I have been able to truly understand and feel the purpose of this life. With knowing that, I have lost interest in many things that I had before and I've started to gain an eye single to the glory of God. The Lord has truly shaped me into a better person. I have a true desire to do that which is good and not that which is evil. A change that only could have been wrought through the cleansing power of the Atonement. I have come to truly love the gospel and I find so much peace knowing that I have a savior!

What caused me to change? As with my Advice to a new mission, being willing and planting the seeds of faith in my heart is what really pushed me to change. Seeing and feeling those seeds grow in my heart and in my spirit pushed me to be more and more of a disciple of Christ. As I saw the fruits that came from these gospel seeds, I couldn't help but know that this is the right path and that I must continually seek to push a long and hold to the rod. My Savior's love shines like the sun with perfect light and I knew that he wanted me to become his disciple. Knowing that he truly suffered for me has pushed me to want to change, to bring fourth his holy work! It has been a changing power that has been indescribable but so real and it could not have happened through any other way! I have truly been desiring true conversion throughout my mission. The Book of Mormon has been key to my conversion. Time and time again the Lord has lead, guided, comforted, taught me in every single way possible!

One of the spiritual experiences of my mission: We were teaching an investigator who had been a really powerful investigator from the beginning. We knew that she had problems with the law of Chastity and we knew that it wasn't going to be a simple task because her boyfriend lived with her. Well we decided it was time to teach the Law of Chastity and as we taught the spirit was so strong and it was testifying of the importance of the Law of Chastity. As my companion and I truly followed the Spirit and let the Spirit speak through us, her concerns and questions were answered. At the end of the lesson, we engaged her to keep the Law of Chastity and she told us that she was going to keep it, no matter how hard it would be. We saw her a couple days after and we followed up. She told us, “It isn't a problem anymore.”! A couple nights previous, she had a family talk and she let her family know that she was going to keep the Law of Chastity and her boyfriend left. That is the cause and effect of the Atonement in someones life and I truly felt God's love for her, one of his children. I felt his love for me! She is now a member of the church and she has been faithful to her callings and responsibilities in the church ever since!

The most difficult challenge of my mission: Waking up at six thirty... no that isn't true! I would say that the most difficult challenge of my mission was letting myself become submissive to the Lord's will. Day by day, I gained more and more confidence in the Lord and his wisdom and slowly I have been overcoming my natural man! There has been so many times when I have been just so prideful to accept the Lord's will and the blessings stopped and I could tell the difference. It has been a very steady process for me all throughout my mission and it will definitely continue after my mission. Overcoming myself has been the most difficult challenge. Seeing people reject the truth has been challenge for me as well. My mission has been a challenge that has truly changed my life. Letting the Lord mold me has been what has changed me and has been the challenge.

Suggestions for improving the mission: I really don't have any big suggestions for improving the mission, it definitely has been the best mission in the world. I believe that the mission split will solve a lot of the challenges. Being around the mission president and his wife more often was something that I always desired to have so that would be my only suggestion is that we want to see the mission president and his wife more often. 

Start Date Area Companion(s)
1 Jul 2015 Trinité Rowley, Ty (JC)
15 May 2015 Trinité Rowley, Ty (JC)
3 Apr 2015 Fort de France Belnap, Andrew G. (ZL1)
8 Jan 2015 Fort de France Lewis, Jake E. (ZL1)
17 Oct 2014 Lamentin Johnston, Daniel F. (ZL2)
26 Jul 2014 Lamentin Christensen, Payton J. (ZL1)
18 Jun 2014 Basse-Terre Capesterre Ehlert, Taylor M. (JC)
21 Mar 2014 Basse-Terre Capesterre Savage, Ryland J. (SC)
26 Dec 2013 Abymes Gosier Galati, Russell P. (SC)
3 Oct 2013 Abymes Gosier Pratt, Grayson A. (TR)

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