Monday, July 20, 2015


Of course in the last couple minutes of writing my email, I delete everything that I had just written! Well I will try and re-type everything back but in a much shorter condensed way! We had a good week! A couple weeks ago we went out and played some basketball with some youth after an appointment had fallen through! So yeah, there we were out playing in our proselyting clothes and we had a pretty good time! We got the youths contact information and we are looking forward to meeting up with them again to be able to share the gospel with them! We have some sweet investigators at the moment who we are working with! One of them being a guy named Pascal! Maybe I have told you a little bit about him but if not, Pascal is a very sincere person! There is just one challenge, that is getting him to find the will power to read in the Book of Mormon and to come to Church! That is one of our main focuses right now is getting him to come to church and to read! He always asks us super awesome questions but then when it comes down to keeping engagements, we see some struggles! My companion went and saw him this past week with a member while I was on a trade-off and I was proud of my companion because he went and had a great lesson with Pascal and the member was also very impressed with how the lesson went! We are working with two sisters at this moment and one of them ended up coming to Church this past Sunday and that was a great blessing! We are still working on getting a good amount of investigators and it is still an ongoing process! It is a process that never stops! :) Constantly looking for new people to teach! The Lord has been blessing us through our efforts and we still need to do a lot more focusing on finding through our members! Things are going good I just wanted to share something small that I've been learning in my studies! For a portion of my mission, I had the idea that God doesn't need us to be God but what I've learned is that that is not entirely true and this is why: We are God's children, one of the reason that he is a God in the first place is because of all of his creations! I read in 3 Nephi 19:29 and I learned that as God needed his son, the Son needs us. "that I may be glorified in the" The father was glorified in the son and the son is glorified in us, all of those who take upon us his name and live faithfully to his gospel! We are to let our light shine before men, that light being the light of Christ! I thought that was pretty cool! I love you all and have a fantastic week! :)

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