Monday, May 11, 2015

Story Time

Well since you were all asking me for stories yesterday, I finally thought of one that I could tell you! So a little while ago, we were on the bus and it was a pretty full bus. It was semi-quiet and not a whole bunch of interesting stuff going on but little did we know, that was about to change. We stopped at a bus stop to let some people on and a very lively women gets on while speaking very loudly. As she pushed herself further into the bus, she smelt something that she didn't like at all and while doing so she exclaimed, "WHO FARTED!?" Now this was all in creol and that is what makes it even funnier because it is just so abrupt. Anyways, she continued on for the next little while yelling that trying to find the person who had supposedly farted. We very quickly turned ourselves away from the scene because we did not want to be made fools by this women and we are already odd as is always wearing white shirts and ties! Soon after we heard, kiss me! and we turned around intime to see this women just kissing some random guy on the bus. Luckily, she got off at the next stop. It was pretty good entertainment for a couple minutes! :) We were pretty nervous though that she was going to draw us out but she didn't thank goodness!

Like I talked about yesterday, things are going well! We are keeping up the hard work and the family that was baptized is doing great and seeing blessings! They have already given three or so referrals and all of which are super awesome investigators now! :) See how that work? Members need to refer people, it actually works! :) Elder Belnap makes me wake up and run every morning so I guess that is a good thing! We hare having a blast together and I'm happy that we are having the opportunity to serve together since I've always wanted to serve with him! We are seeing blessings! This last week we didn't teach as many lessons as the preceding weeks due to people not holding appointments but that is okay cause we found some sweet people in the process! And like I also talked about yesterday, we are working a lot on real growth for the church here so we have a lot going on and a lot of work to do! It is great! :) Things are going well and I'm loving life! I wish all that blessing as well! :) I hope that everyone has a fantastic week and I send my love and prayers! I love you all and thank you all for what you do to support me! Love Elder Peterson!

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  1. Dear Elder Peterson. My name is Tom Bourne and I was a missionary many moons ago down there. I am trying to get in contact with a guy by the name of Jocelyn Eclair. I have recently learned that he is in the mission presidency down there. I was wondering if you could help me get in contact with him. My email is thanks for any help.