Monday, April 20, 2015

Interesting Week

That was an interesting week! All started out well Monday with buses that were going, allowing us to get where we needed to go and then Tuesday morning, unexpectedly the buses went on strike! So yeah we went the whole week without buses and we sure did walk a lot! We actually walked about 14 miles in one day! Yeah I'm actually pretty proud of that because I've never walked that far in my life! It's a pretty darn good thing though that the buses have started functioning again, we are blessed with that! The strikes that they do here make our days pretty interesting but we manage to make the best of it! We were blessed to have enough energy to be able to walk every day as well and that was definitely a blessing for us!

A few things have changed this past week concerning some of the investigators that we have been teaching. There was a couple investigators that we had drop lessons with because they weren't willing to act, therefore causing them to not receive the answers to their questions and thus not being progressing investigators! There were a few other investigators that we have been seeing often but this past week we struggled to see some of our more progressing investigators! We found a lot of new people as we were out walking around and that was definitely another blessing! I guess you could say this past week, we focused a lot on visiting members and addressing their needs! We are working with one family on creating a family missionary plan and we have recently started teaching the wife of a member! The member has always desired to have his family join the church so we are working on guiding him to realize his desires! The members here on Martinique are incredible and I really do love them! They are all so smart and so lively that it is just a blast to spend time with them! They have so much potential and we are going to help them realize that! We had some sweet lessons talking with members on how they can really get things going here! We are looking forward to the miracles!

The Vestrice family, wow, they are doing so great and they are just being prepared by the hand of the Lord to join the church and to build his kingdom here on the Earth! This past week we saw them pretty often as we are getting very close to their baptismal date! We taught them the Word of Wisdom and we had an amazing experience with the Light of Christ! Towards the beginning of our lesson, a member (Fr. Maugran), asked them what things they thought that would not be good for the body. They named; alcohol, coffee, drugs, Tabaco and once they had made it there, they couldn't think of anything else. As we waited silently, out of nowhere, The ten year old daughter says, "Tea"! A ten year old girl who lives in a culture where almost anything is acceptable says tea! That right there just tells us that the light of Christ truly is there and that it teaches all mankind that which is good and that which is evil so that we may judge that which is right! Tonight we are going to their house to have a family home evening and we are really looking forward to that!

Elder Belnap and I are really working hard to find those who the Lord has prepared and we are also working hard to build up the church here and the work is just so much fun and we love it! We sure do have fun while we are at it and it has been a blast! :) Elder Belnap is a great missionary and I'm already learning lots from him! We are going to go out and get it done this week!

I love you all so very much! Have a fantastic week! :) Love Elder Peterson
Elder Lewis and Elder Peterson... two great friends!!

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