Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference is Sweet

I'm just going to start off by saying that General Conference was amazing! It is so refreshing to be able to hear the words of Prophets, Apostles and other leader of the Church! The words and messages were so inspiring and uplifting. It was a huge testimony builder for me that those men and women are called of God, that they truly are his mouth pieces and that this is really his restored church on the Earth! I perceived all of the messages as my instruction for the next 6 months and I'm not to sure what I'll be doing with my playstation ;) It has been a blessing to see my desires change throughout my mission. I really don't have much desire anymore to play video games or waste my time doing things that are not worth my time. Now that is easier said than done but I'm going to put myself to work to apply these teachings in my life! A lot of all the messages basically just told me that I need to leave behind all things that don't help me get closer to God and to salvation! They laid it down and it was a blessing, the spirit taught me many things! One of my favorite talks was by Elder Dale G. Renlund and I really liked how he talked about the Atonement. The story he shared really touched my heart when the man said, "twas I, but twis not I." I found that to be so powerful as the Atonement can help us change, help us be forgiven and to be able to realize that we have changed! I sure do love the Gospel so much! My testimony truly has been strengthened over the past couple days. I truly do realize now the importance of being sincere and humble in the search for truth! I can promise anyone that if they search sincerely and diligently the truth and a testimony that God is there, that Jesus is the Christ, that the Holy Ghost truly testifies of all truth, they will gain a testimony. It has happened to me and it can happen to anyone!

The week was great as we worked hard to keep things going! The Vestrice family was not able to come to conference but managed to watch it from their home. The father called us this morning and he told us that he watched it and these are his words, "I'm very happy!" He said that he could tell that these men and women had been called by God to do his holy work! We will be going to see them tonight and we will see what comes of it! :) We had this awesome lesson on Saturday night between sessions with a man named Gérôme. It was an incredible lesson as we followed the spirit in addressing his needs and questions. We have been having a challenge getting him to come to church and we really wanted him to be able to come to conference to see the Prophets and Apostles but we wanted the member to invite him. It seemed as if an empty hope because we didn't tell the member before hand that we wanted him to invite our investigator. Well as we were sitting there praying for a miracle, he extended a personal invitation to our investigator to come and it was so cool! He didn't end up coming to church but he watched conference from his computer so that was a blessing! The spirit was so powerful! I love being on a mission so much!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and all of the love and support! 21 yrs old! Super weird stuff! I still feel like 16 yrs old! I send all my love and prayers! I pray that everyone will be able to put the teaching of General Conference into practice into their lives! And With many, I can testify that their life will only improve as they grow closer to God! :) Late happy easter! Love Elder Peterson!

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