Monday, February 9, 2015


From Brother and Sister Turner:
For P-day this week we all went up to St Pierre! It's one of my favorite places! First we visited a church. Most of it was destroyed when the volcano erupted. Not from lava, but from the force of the explosion and the hot gasses. The first floor is all that remained. They built on top of that. Then we went to the other church that has not been restored. It's amazing how much force came out of that volcano!

What's left of the "Fort" church
1st floor is from before the volcano.
Pape, Savard, Sims, Roberts Riley, Tenney, Brother and Sister Turner, Lewis, Sejournet, Galati, Peterson
Elders Lewis, Roberts, Pape, Sejournet and Brother and Sister Turner
Sisters Turner, Tenney and Riley on the pier
Pretty stained glass windows
Just up the road from the churches in St Pierre is a big sugar cane plantation that you can visit so we did that on the same day. The high light was the big rubber tree that you can play Tarzan on! They had a blast!

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