Monday, February 23, 2015

Contact Miracles

Another super sweet week! I don't really even know where to begin! This past week, we did a lot of exchanges with the other missionaries in our zone and that turned out being really great! We were able to work together and see how thing are going! Tuesday I was with Elders of Lamentin and we had a great time together! Those two missionaries are awesome and they have a ton of people to teach and the all lived really close so I thought that was pretty great! Wednesday, Elder Lewis and I went out to Trinite to blitz their area for the day and we saw some great miracles. We actually met a bunch of people that are now in their teaching pool! We were at one door and across the way we saw a lady siting on her porch so we decided to wave and then we felt impressed that we needed to go talk to her! We went and found her house and she let us in and her daughter came and joined in and they were very interested in the lesson and they were really understanding everything that we were teaching! It was great! The same thing happened for Elder Lewis, they ran into someone who had always wanted to talk to the missionaries and was also very interested!

This weekend, we have been trying to find some more people to put into our teaching pool and we have seen blessings with that as well! We have been finding families that truly desire to change and put their lives in accordance to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We met two guys who told us that they want to be baptized and get married to their girlfriends! It was super sweet! Last night, we were walking up a hill to get to our house and here comes this guy walking and he actually ended up stoping us. It turned out to be a man who had not yet been baptized but had recently started studying the bible. He told us that he studies it in French and in Spanish to be able to see the different translations. The second we metioned the Book of Mormon and how the Book of Mormon truly holds those important doctrines that were lost from the Bible due to all of the translations, he was super interested and we will be heading back this upcoming week to bring him a Book of Mormon and to teach him about it! That was a great miracle! We also met a lady, after contacting 3 floors of an apartment building and no one answering, who ending up being the very last door and ending up inviting us in. She explained that when she was a teenager (now being in her forty's) she was taught by the missionaries and couldn't remember anything. She now has a family and is now one of our investigators! Miracles all over the place!

We are looking forward to a new transfer starting this week! Elder Lewis and I are going to do some work together and we aren't going to let anything get in our way! Elder Lewis truly has been inspiring me and I'm thankful for him as a companion! I have truly been blessed with such amazing companions! Things are going great here and I'm really looking forward to this transfer!

I just received a Christmas card from the White family, 3 months later haha! Thank you for the Christmas cards! :) Such cute families and I have been blessed with amazing family and friends! I love you all so much and have a fantastic week!

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