Monday, February 16, 2015

Carnival Season

Well, it was definitely a great week up here in Fort-de-France! We even had a Russian investigator at church! Which was a huge blessing because Sunday morning we called her and her phone was off so we were pretty worried, but then at the last minute we got a hold of her and a member was a champ and went and got her! She loved church and said she wants to keep coming so that she can progress towards her baptismal date! It was great because in Principals of the Gospel, she read a couple verses out of the Book of Mormon in Russian! We all were pretty amazed! Her story is actually pretty great! One day, the sister missionaries had to go to the prefecture (a place where we have to go to be legal here in France). While they were in there they met Irena and she was interested to learn more about this message. So the sisters gave us her information and we started teaching her every now and again and Elder Lewis ordered her a Book of Mormon in Russian. Well one day we invited a member to come. While we were waiting for Irena to show up, we were talking to him about what we were going to teach and we were explaining a little bit about Irena and it turned out that he knew her and he always thought that she would make a great member in the church but he never had the chance to share the gospel with her. But by God's will, she was found by the sister missionaries and now has a baptismal date! We were gave the member a hard time telling him that because she wouldn't talk to her about the gospel, the sister missionaries were sent to contact her, it was pretty funny! This past week, we had some really interesting lessons! We were teaching Stephan, one of our investigators, and he truly wants to know the truth of all things but just doesn't know how to find the truth. So we were teaching him the Plan of Salvation and the minute we introduced something that he didn't know about, he became so defensive. People have a hard time understanding that we aren't there to argue with them, we are just there to share a message and to invite them to know for themselves. These are the lessons that I get out of and say that my blood pressure just shot through the roof! But not really! We are still praying for him and we know that all will work out!

Anyways, that is about all for this week! There were a lot more things that happened but that is all I can remember for the moment! It is carnival season so that will be changing up how we work the next couple days but things will work out! :) I love you all so very much and have a fantastic week! Also, thank you for the tie Curt and Shirleen! I can never have enough ties! ;) Have a great day! Love Elder Peterson!

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