Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Time!

That was a super quick week! I don't really know where to even begin! We have been blessed with some really great investigators that are progressing really well and we have been working pretty hard with them! We have been trying to increase our teaching pool because we have decided that when people start getting baptized, which they will :) the people we will have to teach will decrease. So the goal for us this coming week is to bridge that gap so that we have a lot of people that we can go see. We want to really try and get our members involved into our work too and so far that has been working great! The success there has been increasing ever since I got here! So that is good news! We have a baptism coming up here this coming Saturday that we are really excited for! It's a huge blessing to be able to baptize and be a part of people's conversions! There is one investigator that we have that we have been working with for awhile now that we have been having a pretty hard time with. He comes to church every Sunday and continues to meet with us but the problem is he has a hard time accepting doctrine that we share. These experiences that we have had with him show me how powerful the scriptures are. I say that because when we share scriptures that contain points of doctrine, he has a very hard time arguing against it. He still has a little bit of a problem accepting that the book of Mormon is scriptures or inspired of God. He is a great guy though and we love him. We hope that we can help him find his purpose in life!
I've been reading the Book of Mormon in French this whole transfer and I've been surprised at how much I do understand in it. My verbal vocabulary has been a little discouraging however. I find myself understanding what people are saying but then when I say something it doesn't even make sense. I need to apply the language more and I know that will come around! Life has been going great though and things are going well! We have been having a lot of success and I'm super grateful for that! I shouldn't even be complaining about my French, there is a sister that was called english side and when she got here, President Mehr sent her to French side without knowing any French!! But she has been doing awesome!
Thanks for all of the emails and all the love and support! I hope everything is going well back home and that the warm weather is coming around for everyone! I send my love and prayers!! :) Have an amazing week!!
Love Elder Peterson

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