Monday, March 24, 2014


Well I received my transfer call and I'm staying on the Island but I'm moving downt to cappesterre with Elder Savage! We were in the MTC together but I'm super pumped to go down there! It way beautiful and I will be on bikes :) Time to stop being fat haha! This will be really good for me and I've always wanted to be on bikes! I promised myself a better week this past week and it was a better week for me! There was some difficult things that came up but overall the week was great! Last Sunday we were talking with one of our investigators and she told us she was ready to get baptized and so we sat and talked for a little about what day would work best for her but we ended up telling her to pray about it and we would talk about it the following Tuesday. So Tuesday rolls around and we go over to her house all excited for her and what not. We started talking and asking what day she felt was best and she ended up telling us that she doesn't want to get baptized anymore and that she is going to stop coming to church. Elder Galati and I looked at each other and were so surprised! We tried helping her realize that she had received a testimony of the Book of Mormon and all the answers she had received to her prayers! It turns out that she was talking to her husband and he won't let her be baptized. He is completely against it, and he refuses to meet with the missionaries. So we have definitely hit a big wall there. We talked with the district President and the branch is fasting this Sunday so that hopefully the husband can open is heart to the gospel. We are hoping and praying for the best! We will see what happens! I'm a little sad because I won't be able to see what happens because I will be down in Cappesterre but it will still be great! I'm excited to go down there and be on bikes! It will get me back into shape! I've suffered big time being in a car, and now my first couple days on bikes is going to be killer because I'm so out of shape! Things are going great and I'm super excited to move down to Cappesterre! I love you all so much and I hope that everyone is doing great! Thank you for all the love and support!! Have an amazing week!! :) Love Elder Peterson

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