Monday, March 10, 2014


Wow, very fast week. It's terrible because when it comes time to send emails I can never remember half of the stuff we did haha. Short term memory loss coming in at an early age! But we did have a pretty awesome week! Another baptism which was a huge blessing. Her name is Maryse and we started meeting with her like at the beginning of February. When we first started seeing her she told us she had a problem seeing the importance of the Word of wisdom. She would say, what is the problem with having a beer every now and again. We tried to help her understand that the word of wisdom was a commandment given through a modern day prophet and that the blessings are great when we show our love for god instead of worldly things. After the lesson was over we could tell that she still didn't really understand. The next lesson we had with her we could tell something was different. We started it off as usual by asking about the commitments that we had left with her and then we asked her how her reading in the scriptures was going and she ended up telling us that she had came across a scripture that said that we are to do things with a soberness but she couldn't really remember where it was at. But she told us that really hit her and made her realize the importance behind the Word of Wisdom! And from there on she was constantly progressing towards baptism! So cool and such a huge blessing! It just goes to show how powerful the scriptures are and that when we read them, it gives the spirit a chance to talk to us!
   Like I said the week went by super fast, but great things still happened. I had the opportunity on Sunday to let the branch know how missionary work has been going and it really made me think about how much its changed since I've got here! The members are really starting to make the effort and they are all starting to see that the success comes from them. At least that's what I told them haha! We could go out and street contact or go door to door all day but so far, that doesn't really get us anywhere. I've seen what the members can do and what success they bring to their branch and they are doing a great job! The lord is hastening his work here! Less than a year ago, there wasn't even 10 missionaries on this Island and now there is 18 and it can only grow from here on out! I love the mission and it is super legit!
  It was Elder Galati's year mark the other night so we celebrated by eating a bunch of Bokit's and burning one of his shirts ha! It was pretty great! Oh and we found the only store here that sales dr pepper so we bought as much as we could. Now I'm happy :)
   But I hope that all is going great back home! Happy birthday to Ty! Time is flying by!! I thank you all for your love and support and I hope that the coming week is a great one! I send my love!! :) A Bientot!
Love Elder Peterson!

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