Monday, January 13, 2014


  To start things off, I just barely received the package with the snow and the ornaments in it. They took a very long time! But it was a super nice surprise to have all of those fun notes :) So thank you to everyone who to the time to write a little note on there for me! I really appreciate that! It was pretty cool that I could read Mrs. Parks letter and understand it! :) Shows me really what I'm capable of if I really apply myself! Wish that I would have done that more when I was actually in French class haha! But thanks again to everyone who sent me a note!

  Anyways the week was great for Elder Galati and I! We really have some great investigators and they are progressing really well for us. I've been really learning a lot lately about teaching and what it means to follow the spirit and to teach to peoples needs. The French is coming a long and I have noticed that when I really take my time to do my language study the French comes a lot easier. I've also noticed that I can't be afraid of talking to people even if I think that I don't know the language. It's really cool how the spirit feels my heart when I share this message and how it can help me speak the language :) My testimony grows more and more every single day and I'm so thankful for that. Lately I've been thinking about how lucky I am to be here and that I get to serve The Lord full time! It's a blessing! Elder Galati has been helping me out with my French and all of that and we are getting a long great! We are hoping that we will have a lot of baptismal dates here coming up soon because all of our investigators are progressing so much. As I see their concerns and worries in life, it just makes me reflect my life and how thankful I am to know this gospel and to have a testimony of it that is strenthened more and more each day! But with the investigators we will see what God has in store for them and we will continue to pray for them! They have all become very good friends of mine and I always look forward to seeing them :) We have a teenage boy that we always go play basketball with and we have a good time with him!

  The other day we were teaching a lady who is advantist or however you spell that and she kind of dominated me haha! We were talking about the Book of mormon and she was just having a really hard time just accepting the idea of the book of mormon and all of the that because she was saying the the Bible is all she needed. Well I said to her, "Je veux que vous lirez dans le Livre de Mormon et que vous priez pour savoir que ces choses sont vraie." which translates to, I want you to read and pray to know that these things are true. Anyways she kind of went of on me saying that oh you want me to pray and read? Not God? haha it was crazy but pretty funny I thought!

  I'm working on sending pictures but it is kind of a pain with the whole format problem. I may wait till I get the card reader so be patient :) But I appreciate all of the pictures and all the letters I receive! They are always so great to look at and read! Looks like everyone is doing really well and I hope you all continue to be great! I hope you have an amazing week and that you enjoy all the snow you can get! :) I love you all!!
Love Elder Peterson

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